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Half Square Triangle Block of the Month '14

In the Garden Block of the Month 2014
now available as an EBook



Oceans Block of the Month 2015

Beginners Block of the Month 2015


 Wanderlust Block of the Month 2016

Beginners Block of the Month 2016

All Info you need is =  HERE


Wild Babies Block of the Month 2017

Blocks can be found in my Craftsy Shop...


"Into the Wild" Bom 2018

Starts January '18 and will be the same as all the others. A free block for the month and after that it goes to my Craftsy shop for a small fee.

I hope you all love the 'Charley Harper Flavour' we will have in each of these blocks. His work is such an inspiration to me, so naturally we need to do a few blocks in this style.

We will be doing 12 Bird blocks


Ulrike said...

WANDERLUST - what a great idea ,

and as i am a travel agent it seems to be a MUST for me . I am very excited to see the first block on Monday .

But otherwise I also would like to do the Bees - Artquilt , I think I have to bustle about

THANK You Janeen , you are wonderful


Janie said...

How do I sign up for the 2018 Block of the month?
I love paper piecing and I am a retired Biology/Anatomy teacher, so this is right up my alley.
Thank you for offering this project.
Janie Lloyd