Friday, 29 August 2014

Paper Piecing's my Thing!

Guess what today is?
Go-on have a guess.......

That's Right - It's our Friday's are for Paper Piecing Party Day!!! 
Everyone Welcome!
Bring your paper piecing delights and wow us all.....

Last week's winner was Link 9 - "Sewing out of my Comfort Zone" with the amazing "Lets do the Time Warp Again".  You still need to contact me about your prize.....

Each week a random winner gets to choose a pattern from my Craftsy Shop - a little incentive to do more paper piecing.... MWHAHAHA.....
The winner will be announced on Monday...

Lets Get to it!!

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Thursday, 28 August 2014

T-B Th :)

Haaa Yaah!

This is Ninja Hippo
a crime fighter by night, pool attendant by day!
Out to get anyone who looks suspicious or dares to lay in his spot! 

 Each of these cute as heck hippos is a 14" (36cm) Pattern and on the Intermediate level.

Paper pieced (but of course!) and available in my Craftsy Shop....

Today is also
ThrowBack Thursday!

I wanted to show the amazing E-Books that are available in my Craftsy shop. These books make up collections of the different themed patterns I have made and are a fraction of the price of buying each pattern separately.

These 2 e-books - African Safari each have 10 patterns of African animals in them.
Patterns are 12" (30cm) and are on the Easy Intermediate level.

Book 1 has the Big Five Animals - Lions, Rhinos, Elephants, Leopard and Buffalo patterns
Book 2 has the other wild animals - monkeys, giraffe, zebra, wild dog, hyena, warthog, hippo, meerkat
There is also a Abstract African bush pattern as a freebie as well.

Next up we have the Sea Life Collection Patterns
Each e-book has 12 patterns
Each pattern is also 12" (30cm) and on the Intermediate Level
* These 2 e-books are also available in EQ7 for download and then the print size can be changed to anything you'd like.

The 2 Christmas e-books are a whole load of fun with different Christmas themed patterns -
 Festive Season and 12 Days of Christmas...
Each book has 12 patterns. The Festive season book has patterns of different sizes.
The 12 Days of Christmas has patterns that depict the Festive Song and each pattern is 12" (30cm).

 The Halloween E-Book 
has 10 different amazing patterns with this theme and the patterns also differ in sizes.
Really spooky with a twist of cute!

The Quick and Easy Stars e-book 
has 23 different star patterns for you to try. 
* This is a great book for beginners to learn paper piecing too. Pattern differ in sizes.

Our Farmyard Collection patterns are just sooooo adorable.
16 Farm Animals all sitting for their portraits. Patterns are 12" (30cm)
and are on the Intermediate level. 
* This is another e-book that is available through EQ7.

A slightly different E-Book also available is our Art Quilt - Girl in the Wind.
The book is the whole patten divided up into 12 parts with instructions.
The size of this pattern is 52" x 38" and is on the Easy Intermediate Level.

The Transport Collection E-Book is just so darn cute!
This was just for the little guys out there - 

16 Patterns in total and on the Intermediate level. Each pattern is 12" (30cm)
This is another e-book available through EQ7 as well.

That's it for Thurday!
Have a good one...

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Wednesday, 27 August 2014


I seem to have a whole load of things on my plate this week - I might need to give up on sleep....

This is the start of a 3x3 modern look mini quilt.
The whole thing is just blue fabrics of all kinds......

This is another quick art quilt I'm doing, the FMQ now needs to get done.

If you can't go to Italy, then bring Italy to you......

These little babies were all sewn and chopped this morning - waiting to be made into a great looking block for the HST club.

Wow, can't believe its already 9 blocks down. I've actually enjoyed this one a lot more than I thought.

Then there's this - a cute little waterfall in the forest.... It's a postcard I'm making... Actually I need to make 2 so I'm going to have to hurry it up and get designing on that one too.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Photos to show you ...

Today I just have to show you all something totally AMAZING!

Do you remember the Hippos?

This is Hippo Pirate and Hula Hippo....

I designed these two for a little bit of fun! And they really deliver.... They are both soooo darn cute!
Both patterns are 14" x 18" (35cm x 46cm) and are more Hard Level. Both are waiting for you all in my Craftsy shop...

A good friend = Ulrike Brandl from Germany has made them and sent me the photos to show you all... She is just the most amazing sewing artist... I LOVE her work. So neat and so accurate.

First let's look at Hippo Pirate and parrot

Just look at Ulrike's Pirate - he is fantastic.

This is also a close up of the parrot on his shoulder. This was sent to me a little while before the pirate was finished.

The parrot also has a wooden leg.....

I should have designed a gold earring in the hippo's ear...

Now look at Hula Girl Hippo

I just adore her. She is sooo sexy! That bikini and grass skirt are toooo cute!

I think she's busy telling him he better behave or he'll lose the other leg....

Ulrike - even the flower behind her ear is lovely. You really done an amazing job with these two...
I love them both!
Thank you!

Here we have both of the hippos together.
They are going to be turned into wall hangings. Wonderful!

That's Tuesday...
I better get some housework done......

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Monday, 25 August 2014

Monday's News...

Today we will be discussing our Week 2 Block from our Quiet Landscape QAL

After sewing up each of the segments, I like to place them onto the work surface facing me, so that I get a better idea of what I'm doing. The mirrored pieces sometimes get you all confused...

Then I turn them all back to the paper side and start to join the segments together following the instruction sheet.

 I decided to try a few more printed fabrics with this art quilt. Usually I'm such a solids kind of gal but this seems to be working out okay for me this time.  I love the stained glass window effect on those windows.......

 This is our block finished. You will notice that the instructions needed to include the small corner of AT to AR as well.
We don't join it up to anything else just yet. Once we are finished with Week 3 they will all be joined together making a nice large square.

Here we have the pieces on the design wall. I've just pinned them on for now, and as soon as we do another, they will all be about just less than half of the top half of the quilt.

Wow, did that make sense...

Today also sees our Friday pattern winner from the Paper Piecing Party - Link #9

Congrats! you get to choose a pattern from my Craftsy shop (up to $5) and let me know where to send it.....
Thank you to all who linked something up - I love them all! Seriously, they are fabulous!

August Newsletter that goes out with the Paper Piecing Magazine is going out today...

September is going to see something different and also a new free pattern...
Get your name on the list.... Newsletter signup on Home Page...

(you will need to confirm your email address before your name can be added)

That's Monday! 
Have a great day...

Friday, 22 August 2014

I Heart Paper Piecing!

I really do, I

paper piecing!

Love all things Quilty really, but PPiecing is always my go to when I want something "different"...
What's your go-to?

Today is our Paper Piecing Party Link-Up 
Join us and add your blocks or designs for all of us to drool over...

Monday we choose a winner!

Need more info: right here...

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Throwback Thursday

Designing Dillemas
When I first started designing my patterns in July 2013, I didn't include as much info as I do now. I think I was convinced that if I understand it, it must be fine, everyone else will understand it......

Then a while ago I bought a pattern from someone, and it was really expensive, and all I got was one page with the various segments (numbered of course) but that was it. I had to figure out everything including cutting it out and copying it bigger and adding a seam allowance around each piece, and so on .........

So !!!!  I've decided to systematically work through all my oldies and re-do their instructions, add more info on the colour and fabrics, make sure that all pieces are easy to join up etc.....
Might take a while, but totally worth it !!!

Sorry to anyone I might have frustrated...... really!!! sorry!

Today I remade a lovely pattern I designed a long time ago.
 It looks as if it could be difficult or have a ton of pieces, but NO, this one is actually not that bad.
The block measures 16" (40.5 cm) and is on the Intermediate Level.

This block is available in my Craftsy shop.

Thanks to everyone who always comments on the patterns and says how they enjoy them or how cool they look. Nice comments are always good for the soul. Thanks  XOXO

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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Birds, birds, birds.....

This morning I was woken up by the sound of hammering on the trees outside my windows - it was a Crested Barbet. So small and so noisy.....The sounds of Spring.... wonderful!

The Weaver birds are out in full swing now, and you can hear them fighting and chatting in the branches. One is building a nest in the bottlebrush tree. Shame, I hope the wife likes it - I've seen what happens if she feels its not up to scratch.

My theme on Beautiful Birds is coming along nicely - it's up to 6 birds - or 7 if you count the Pelican as well. Now I just need to finish writing each of their instructions for their patterns.
These beauties will be 10" (25cm) and are on the Intermediate level.

I even turned the Weaver bird into a postcard that I mailed to a friend.

That's Tuesday!

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