Wednesday, 23 April 2014

New Blocks to Make

I haven't really anything big to show as a WIP today that you've never seen before.
I was trying to get busy with designing a few more blocks in the Transport Blocks Theme.

Here are a few of the newer blocks. Each one measures 12" (30cm) and is very straight foward and 'easy' to put together.

We have a 'Motor Bike', a 'Cement Mixer' and a 'Rocket'.  

The little Rocket is a FREE pattern - look in my Craftsy Shop.

I'm never sure what other people understand by 'easy' to do, so I'm making my own levels of difficulty that I will be showing with my patterns:

Easy Intermediate
Intermediate Hard
Don't Bother

Each of these cute blocks is available in my Craftsy Shop.

So far there are 11 blocks and I don't see the end in sight just yet.

I think these will have to get featured in the Magazine at some point. If you've missed it -
It is a quarterly magazine that showcases paper piecing patterns. This second quarter edition has a 'theme' - Animals and Birds. There are 15 Full Patterns for you to have a go at.

You can get more info on the magazine here:

Have a Great WIP Wednesday.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Triangles and Stripes

I think by now everyone else has quilted their triangle quilts and finished the binding etc..... well, slow poke has only got the back done...

I had too little of each colour to make a "back" in a solid colour, so I decided to go on with the random of the triangles on the front and I cut all my pieces into strips and now I'm busy joining them together.  (the wierdness of quilting - take a good piece of fabric, cut it up into pieces and then sew it all back together again??)

So far I've joined the strips into groups of 3 or 4 pieces and I put them up against the batting with pins to see if it was long enough to be the back of the quilt. It fits!! so now I can finish this off and then the sandwiching will start. One thing at a time!

When I was doing the Sampler Quilt 2013 with Laura Knownes at Craftsy she said in one of the episodes that quilting 'was never meant to be a race' and that you should enjoy the process it took to make the quilt and they stuck in my head and I have to remind myself of these wise words every now and then. I am just as guilty with the QAL that I'm hosting, but we must really stop putting a time onto when it 'must' get done by. I know, I know for some that means never getting anything done, but for me - and I only speak for me - I'm plodding along and enjoying it.

Anyway onto more happy sunshine things -

The Quilt Art Designs Digital Magazine

Meet Paper Piecing 1/4"
15 Fantastic full patterns (including a tutorial on paper piecing) for you to have a go...

It has it's own blog:

Be a sweetie an pop over for a look and if you know of anyone who would love this, then share the link PLEASE!  Need a little help from my friends.......

That's it for today..
Have a wonderful Monday!

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Friday update

Today will just have to be about the Quilt A Long - Art Quilt

We are busy with Week 8 now and things are really taking shape fast.......
We even have a new gal joining our group - Welcome Janice, hope you will enjoy it as much as all of the rest.

This is the line up so far:

 Each of the segments was made up first.
This block measures 11"x12"
This is the bottom block in the third column.

This is the completed block for week 8.

This was our first column of hair.

This is our models unfortunate face. The face will be part of week 12.  Teehee...

Our second column almost joined together. 

Here we have three columns so far. The third column is totally joined and now we wait for week 9 and start a new fourth column.

I'm still on a wonderful "high" because I have managed to finish up with my new magazine called Paper Piecing 1/4"
You can either buy single editions or a subscription of four editions for the year. See the blog for more information:


Have a wonderful long weekend.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Magazine Launch!

Today I'm really excited to tell you all a nugget of good news.....

Drumroll please ...........................

I've launched the First Edition of my digital magazine - Paper Piecing 1/4"


This will be a quarterly digital magazine showcasing paper piecing patterns and designers.

If you would like to submit a proposal for the magazine then please contact me:


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

WIP Mini-Quilt

Wow, its Wednesday already!

I've been busy on another project for Fine Craft Guild doing a mini-quilt or a table mat for total newbies. It has actually been a load of fun deciding which block and how big and then all the photos that need taking of each step of the way.

Here's a quick photo overview -

 Here's the start - choosing fabrics ....

Then came the cutting of the squares..

we cut 4 Light colour blocks - 4.5"
4 Medium colour blocks - 4.5"
and 1 Dark colour block - 1"

 (!! no, not really - 4.5")

I decided that the easiest for a beginner to quilting and patchwork would be a "Nine Patch" block.

Then we sewed the rows and joined it all up....

But Nine Patches are soooooo boring, so we decided to chop it up again......

Loads of fun!

Spin two blocks around and then ....
sew it all back together again!!!

A "Disappearing Nine Patch" is soooo much better. This cute technique can produce so many different looks...

Great for beginners.

Making rows of 3x3 blocks
The rows are great, there is no lining up of small bits.
If your seams are correct - 1/4" then everything should work out perfectly without any headaches....

Second row already on and then...

3x3 rows of the finished top of our mini-quilt. The top is 34" (87cm)
Now I just need to do the borders and back...

This is it for Wednesday...
I've finished designing the block for my BOM "In the Garden" and its beautiful!!!

But for now I need to get busy with my block for QAL  Friday.

Thanks to everyone who has been posting photos to our Flickr group - I just love seeing all your hard work. Really wonderful!

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Monday, 14 April 2014

Block back from the Tester!

What a lovely Surprise!!

I always wonder if beginners will be able to 'figure out' the paper piecing blocks that I design and if I make them too hard. The word "easy" on a pattern is so subjective and what's easy for me is not necessarily easy for anyone else.

But today, yes I have renewed hope today ......

I have a 'pattern tester' who is a complete newbie - and she amazed me with this block she made from my Transportation Collection Blocks.

This is the "Bus" block. The block measures 12" (30cm) and is really easy to put together. (I have Proof!) All the Transport blocks are available in my Craftsy  Shop.

Just look at those little kids on the bus, sooooo cute!

This is just amazing!! I LOVE IT!

Thank you very much! This is just wonderful!

We have won over another one to the paper side! LOL!

Have a good Monday....

Friday, 11 April 2014

Friday Roundup!

Yaaay! it's Friday.

Friday always feels good - even if the weather isn't, even if the laundry needs doing, even if there's a ton of work to be done..... Friday is a 'good' day!!

First up on our parade we have "Girl in the Wind" Art Quilt - Week 7.

I made my 4 pieces first and then gave them a good press. Then joined up the pieces according to the instructions and BINGO sewed up the block in no time at all.

This is the week 7 block done and dusted!!

I taped up a piece of batting onto the cupboard doors and pinned my blocks onto it so that I could take a better photo of our "girl" without cupboard door handles in her face.

Only thing it fell down as soon as the camera went 'click'. LOL!! I really need a design wall, but this room has NO available space for me to make one - What to Do???

After this 'column' of blocks we have one more - 4 columns altogether and then we do the face, join up all the rows and presto we will be finished!

Second item on our agenda today - My triangle randomness......

This is how it all started.....

That itch! The need to sew something ......

and must visit the fabric factory.....

Then the cutting madness starts..


Then it breaks out even further and the joining starts,

you break out into a cold sweat,
but you just can't stop ....

 One row becomes two, then three, you tell yourself you'll only do one more, you can stop anytime you want to........

When you look at the time, it says 00H01 and you know its all downhill from there......

But in the morning, with the sun shining in through the windows, it all looks rosey!!

This is 7 rows in, not sure when the madness will end.....

Random is proving to be a wild ride!!

This is the finished top - I had to lay it on the floor to get a photo - 36 x 48"
Now I need a rest......

Have a good week-end....

This is going to be my new Avatar  -  I just love it - even looks like me with the curly hair and glasses -, really!

If you look really close, you'll see the wrinkles etc. LOL, really LOL!

Linking up with TGFF, Crazy Mom, Quiet Play and anyone else having a party today.......


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