Monday, 5 October 2015

Bitty Block #12

Today we have another of our 
Bitty Blocks.

This time it's a Candy Cane
The #12 block measures 4" (10cm) and is on the Intermediate Level.

I actually made my 4" Bitty block around January when I was still thinking about the whole Bitty block collection....

I hope you all enjoy putting your little Candy Cane block together...

The free pattern can be downloaded from the Bitty Block Page.
Thank you to everyone who always pops in and leaves a positive and encouraging comment.
I really appreciate you all.

Winner from our Link Up Party:  Link #10
Yaay! Let me know which pattern you would like and I will send the PDF.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Friday Paper Piecing Madness...

Why Hello there...

Come in!
and you too, stop peeping around the corner, Come on in!

Today we are all about having some fun!

Grab a chair, pour yourself a coffee and lets get busy...

Yesterday was the Festive Season Paper Piecing Magazine's turn

You can get more Info HERE

and this is something I'm working on - still need to do the numbering and instructions. Its going to be another 36 x 24" Art Quilt.  Might be bigger...

Not the pattern for my turn at the Halloween Blog Hop -
Here is a small peek at my block for then..... (23 Oct '15).....

Now what have you all been up to?

Link up your blocks, designs etc.   Don't be Shy!

Also hanging out at:

A Quilted Passion

Thursday, 1 October 2015



Can you believe it? It's already October...
I really feel as if this year has flown by and all I can do is hang on..

All our Block of the Month projects have finished
All our Quilt a Long's have finished
So what now?

Halloween Haunt 2015

This month is the Halloween Blog Hop - so that's exciting!

My day is the 23rd of October! Yaay!

I need to start sewing the amazing pattern I've made for you all... Should be done by then.....

The magazine - 
Paper Piecing 1/4" Digital has been posted - so that's also exciting! There are loads of Mini Quilts for you to get stuck into and turn into great gifts.

There were also a load of patterns that I didn't add to the magazine - so those will be added to my growing list of "Hurry up and finish these" and you will all see them added to my shop...

A few ladies asked if I could make a few more blocks that have the same idea as the Oceans BOM so that they could extend the size of their quilts - so I dug out a block that didn't make it into the original 9 blocks.

This is the Scuba Diver block. It also measures 14" and is on the Intermediate level.

This block will be in my Craftsy shop for a small fee.

See you all tomorrow for another great Paper Piecing Link Up!

Hope you all have a great day!

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Week 5 EQ Row A Long

EQ Seasons Row Along

Today is the start of 
week 5 for the EQ Seasons Row-A-Long.

Each week, we’ve some great new rows and this week is no different. You’ll see everything from pumpkins, to mittens, to oceans and gardens..

 Amongst the giveaways this week, we have the Electric Quilt software giveaway and you’ll want to be sure to stop in at to enter the giveaway for that software. If you’ve always wanted EQ, this is your opportunity to possibly win it.

Please download your files on a pc/desktop/laptop with Windows or Mac, versus using Mobile Apps/Smart Devices/ipads/kindle… If your pdf doesn’t open, it’s most likely because you’ve used a device to download with that isn’t allowed for that app.

Marian Pena is our Host for the EQ Seasons Row a Long and you can find all info HERE...

Let’s Get On With Today’s Schedule…

Sew Incredibly Crazy
Sew Incredibly Crazy

Darlene's EQ Season RAL
QuiltShop Gal

Loreen's Schoolhouse
Loreen’s Schoolhouse

Electric Quilt
Electric Quilt’s How To Layout Your Rows

Stof Genoeg
Stof Genoeg

Seams To Be Sew
Seams To Be Sew

*You can still download the FREE pattern from My EQ Seasons Fall/Autumn row
Info HERE 


Monday, 28 September 2015

Monday - already!

Hello there everyone!

Wow, this weekend really flew by. Everything I planned to do didn't realize and then ended up running about trying to find my Cr card. I looked everywhere.... nope just gone....

Looked up the last transaction which would have been the previous Tuesday at a shop, went back there to ask if I had forgotten it there, and was met with - cold indifference. The lady at the counter at least looked to her left and to her right, a little on the floor and then back at me, shrugged and said "I don't see it" - although the correct response should have been WTF! all I can say is BWaHahahahaha
Never seen anything like it in my life... I wish my eyes were cameras sometimes...

Did go to the bank and cancel it - now just waiting for the replacement card. Oh and the lady at the bank asked if I had written the pin code onto the card..... WTF!! Who does that? Again - BWahaahahaha! Has the world gone mad?


Thanks to everyone for the positive encouragement! Thanks so much. 
No looking back now. We push on forward and do our own thing!!

Also, thanks for all the link ups - you guys are doing such amazing work. I feel a little left out on the sewing front, but the dictator won't allow me to sew too much at this time... I still have 1 little cat block to finish and then my 16 cats will be done. Yaaaay!

I've decided that I'm just going to give everyone a free pattern today! 'Cause I love the feeling that sharing brings... So I hope you will all enjoy this one as much as all the rest.

Download PDF HERE

Now I need to strap myself to a chair and finish the magazine for Thursday... for realz!


Hope you all have a great day!


Friday, 25 September 2015

Friday's Fun Link Up Party

Hello and Welcome!

Its Friday and that means...
Its time for our Link Up Party

 Today is also our Last day for the 'Lil Catz QaL Mini Quilt.

Unfortunately the quilting world is a lot like High School - which is really sad. There are sooo many amazing quilters and designers out there who have such amazing ideas and can do the job just as good as and sometimes a lot better than the imagined 'elite' among us....

I have been so PUT OFF this past week - by the ATTITUDES and the STUCK UP women who feel they run this show and the rest of us shall always only be clapping hands at their work while we sit on the fringes watching them show us how ....
Really makes me MAD!

You know what I say - To hell with all of it - I do my own thing and march to my own drum!!

You are ALL welcome to join me, create with me, play, be silly, have fun, ask questions, do your own thing, and generally have the time of our lives.....
Here we don't do criticism, snobishness, gossip, back stabbing....


Right, that behind us, Lets get on with Whatever you have to show us!!!

 Here are a few of my designs that either didn't make it into the new magazine issue or were just floating around until I finished them...
As soon as their instructions are done, they will be available in my Craftsy shop...

Show us what you've been up to with all your scraps, ideas, designs, etc -  
it's welcome here!!

An InLinkz Link-up

*You can still download the FREE pattern from My EQ Seasons Fall/Autumn row


Hope you all have a great Friday!


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

WIP Wednesday

Wow! a Wednesday without anything to get done in a hurry....

What's happening out there today?

EQ Seasons Row Along

EQ Seasons has entered the 4th week:

 Today’s Schedule…

Nancy Myers-2015 Fence Block
Patchwork Breeze
Linda Franz / Inklingo
Linda Franz / Inklingo
Creatin' in the Sticks
Creatin’ in the Sticks
Patti's Patchwork
Patti’s Patchwork
Stof Genoeg
Stof Genoeg
Seams to Be Sew

Seams to be Sew

*You can still download the FREE pattern from My EQ Seasons Fall/Autumn row
Info HERE 


Stretch Your Skills @   SYS 15 has a brand new Tutorial for everyone

Find all the information on the Stretch your Skills series HERE

Hope you find something there that you like and can join in and learn a brand new skill. Thanks Alida from Tweety Loves Quilting - these are all amazing!!

 Sooo many I want to try out - I may need new hands to be able to do it all...


 The Mystery blocks has a new #1 Giraffe block

you can download it HERE

I'll also add the block to the Mystery block info page


 Finish Up for BOM's, QAL's, etc

I asked around at some of the big names for a voucher or two for our Forest and Lake QAL finish and also for our Catz qal quilts, BUT not even a reply to say no sorry can't help....
Quite frankly I'm not surprised ....

I think I'm just going to say Sorry Ladies, but the big finish finale on all things accomplished this year is not going to happen.  Never mind! Lesson learned...

Thanks to everyone who helped, sewed the blocks for me, went ahead and made the quilt before everyone else, took photos for me - I love you all!
Thank you very much for all your help.



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