Friday, 22 July 2016

Friday Fun day!!

Today I have some other news I want to share....

Since starting Quilt Art Designs I've only made paper piecing patterns and then here and there a traditional styled pattern. I don't really know anything about applique... so, I've decided to take a class and see if I can understand why so many love it so...

I also made a few patterns with Applique but then decided that I can't add them to my Craftsy shop under the QADesigns name, so I decided to start a new sideline baby business called SEW CUTE PATTERNS that will only concentrate on applique patterns.

Patterns will be in their new Craftsy shop...

All still on a big learning curve....

Ps.. Will never give up on designing paper piecing patterns - this is just a new side line designing adventure...


What have you all been up to?
Link up a photo of your Friday Fun news...

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Ribbons QAL Week #3

Hello, its Wednesday (already) and time for the Ribbons QAL

We're on Week #3 of our quilt.
You will need pattern pieces AJ to AP.

Cut out and join your pieces to their corresponding numbers.

If you're making the ribbons in different colours - then you will need to write onto each the colour you are going to be working with.
 Once you have finished making the different pattern sections, you can join it all together to form piece #3.
You can also join #3 to the Week 1 & 2 section to form the first half of our Art Quilt.

This is my Week 1-3 of the Ribbons QAL. Really easy to make and quick to put together.

Ribbons Pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop.

Have a great day!

Monday, 18 July 2016


Hello to everyone...

To all who linked a photo on our Friday Link up - thank you!!
I'll send each of you the pattern for the Christmas Mugs.... 
If you don't hear from me, then its because I don't have your email address...

What's on our agenda for this week:
Well, nothing really... except for Wednesday I'll add our #3 of the Ribbons QAL.
Gives me time to catch up with a few commissions.


Noah's Ark Quilt A Long

It seems that the fabric chart and the colour numbering are off on some of the pieces. I must have tried to reduce the amount of colours and then not print out a new fabric chart to match it.
Here is a new Fabrics chart - I will also post it again once the QAL starts on 15 August.
You all also need to remember - the charts are really just a guide. If you choose to use other colours its also all okay. No hard and strickt rules on the colours.

Download the New Fabrics PDF HERE...

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 15 July 2016

Pillow #2

Its already Friday and the last week-end of the school holidays..... NOOOOOOO.....

I've finished the second pillow (20" - 50cm) design and I'm really happy with this one.

Its a Colour Wheel....
its actually on the Easy Intermediate level - in my Craftsy Shop

My other pillow needed a little tweaking, but I'll finish the instructions over the week-end...

** Now its your turn to show what you've been working on....

I'll pick a winner and send them this cute Christmas Mugs pattern (28x36") (72x92cm)

'Cause we're celebrating Christmas in July.....

Have a great Week-End!

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Ribbons QAL Week #2

 Hello to everyone joining me for this super easy quick scraps buster project.
We're already doing Week #2 of our Ribbons Quilt A Long and is easy enough for a beginner who has an understanding of paper piecing.

Week #2 - you will need pattern pieces L - R
Cut them out and stick them together with their corresponing numbers.

A word on these corresponding numbers - 
Although I love this software and feel it gives the best info to you to sew your project together, there is one thing that I feel I can jump up and down like a child having a tantrum - then its these damn corresponding numbers.
The software chooses where to break the piece that is too big for the page and puts them on some random page where he finds it will fit.
That would be fine IF...they were all marked...... You will find that some of the pattern pieces have NO marking and NO number with only a "Stick to corresponding piece #50" = these are the pieces that make me crazy.

All I can suggest and it's what I do - is that when you come across these No number pieces, you take them out and keep them all on one side. When Im busy trying to figure out the puzzle of pieces and then its - "I need piece #50" then I look in my "lost boys" pile and its usually in there.
I hope this helps. I really can't make it better or change the software.....

 Once you find your pieces and join them together, you can begin with sewing your piece.
Piece R was so big, that I had to do it on its own and then join it to the rest of the pieces at the end.

Note: Piece M8 shows the colour code of '27' and will join on with piece N6 but that shows colour code of '28' and it should really be '27'. 
So, make a note for yourself on piece N6 that it needs to be the same as you have made the M8 piece.

 Once your piece for Week 2 is done, you can join it to the Week 1 piece.

This is our finished 1 & 2. Really going together quickly.

I wanted to show you the piece from Week #1 sent to me by my friend Karin Pope from the UK.

The dark background is fabulous. It makes those colours really stand out.

Ribbons Pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop.

Have a great day!

Monday, 11 July 2016

Mystery Block #7

It's time for our Mystery Block for July....
So far our Symbolic Calendar is comming along very nicely...

This was our block for June...
Summer Time

Here in the southern hemisphere, our winter is June/July but a lot of people still go to the beach during this holiday season and its still warm enough to go swimming....

I've also made the Centre Blocks for the calendar - Seasons Icons.

Each block is 10" so you can change their position to suit your own quilt without any problem.

The blocks are FREE and you can download them immediately from GDrive as a PDF.

Download your #7 Mystery Block HERE
Download the Centre Blocks Pattern HERE

I also have a Mystery Block page where I will keep all the old mystery blocks and quick links to the patterns that you might have missed.

A link up button will also be added to the page where you are welcome to send me a photo of your finished mystery blocks or add them to the Flickr Group page

Thank you to everyone who joins in and shares their finished block for all to see!!


Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, 8 July 2016

Friday Fun

Hi there
What have you been up to this week?

It's been so cold here this past week that I haven't got a ton of work done. My poor fingers are freezing... Im sure its warmer outside.... although there's such a cold wind blowing...

I felt like I wanted to just do something else, but couldn't think what that was, so I sat looking for something to make into pillows (20" - 50cm).
This girl picking flowers seemed to be that something....
Still just needs the instructions.....

Too cold, must go and find some sun to sit in...

Have a Great Week-End!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Start of Ribbons QAL

 Hi there everyone...
 Today is the start of our  
Ribbons Art Quilt Quilt a Long....

It's going to be 6 weeks long and its on the Easy Level.
If you are a beginner who understands paper piecing, then you will manage this quilt.

Size: 38 x 52" (130x90cm)

 Whatever colour you choose, this one looks great in them all...
You can use up all those stash colours that never see the sunlight, or just use up some scraps.
For the background colour I have 1 meter (around 1 yard) and the rest I have 30cm (12") strips that I will cut down to 3 and 4" strips.

 I decided to make mine the red and turquoise with a white background (because I have a hoarders stash of those colours). I found 10 different reds and 10 different blue and green turquoise colours. Each has a Red 1-10 and Blue 1-10 code so I arranged them on the top part of my desk with a peg to hold them.

There's no specific order to how they came to be one or six, its all just random.

I also took the front page picture of the pattern and wrote onto it which ribbon I want what colour and that was really random as well. I named them B1 for blue #1 or R6 for red #6 in the lineup.

I'm using this white with a small leaf pattern also in white for my background. No idea where its from, its just white and I liked it....

I cut it into 4" (10cm) strips to make it easier for me to handle.
 Week #1: 
You need pieces A - K

I cut out my pattern pieces, stuck them with tape to their corresponding numbers and arranged them onto the desk so that I could get a good visual of what needed to be done.

This was only the one half of the pattern, I needed space to work on too....
I wrote onto my pieces where the R1 and B4 etc would be according to my own plan I made.
The pattern has colour code boxes on it that shows the white background and colour pieces. You can do whatever pleases you.... no problem.

Second half of the Week #1 pattern piece.

Done the same to this piece and then started to join everything together.

 This was the top and bottom and then the piece that will join over both sections.

Now all that needs doing is joining them all together. Make sure to match up the pieces where you can see the ribbon joins in the next piece.

This is my Week #1 finished. Im already loving this!!

I hope you'll join me for this cute and quick (and easy) quilt. Mine is going to make a fantastic lap quilt for the icy cold evenings in front of the TV.
Ribbons Pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop.

Have a great day!


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