Thursday, 5 March 2015

March Beg Block of the Month '15

Wow! What a week - so many things wanting their turn - all at once...

Today we will do the Beginners Block of the Month 
- too many thinking it has gone past already...
Not so. Deep breath, exhale, Lets get to it...

Can you believe the amount of frustration we have already faced with this little block of the month??? I certainly cant! Its just a straight forward geometric block - and yet my software has given me about 4 different sizes so far...... AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!

I'm sure its because of the conversion from centimeters to inches that it loses something. Some were really smaller and others were about a 1/4" bigger and then there were the others that were bang on target.... I don't know which you have?? Mine were a huge source of headaches.
Note to self: Use the EQ7 software on this from now on....

Not to worry! Now you have all had loads of practice with your beginner blocks.

The new block for March - I tested it about 6 times and then went back and printed Jan and Feb out and fiddled around with the sizes until they were all the same...

This is March Beginner Block - Ta Daaaa!!

This month we have only 2 templates to work with. As usual we cut our templates out and lay them onto the desk. After making the decisions as to which fabric will join us this month, you can write onto your templates the name of the colour you will be using.

Remember - you need another 3 of these templates as well to make up the 4 blocks that you need.

The same as before, we start at section #1 and its the only time our fabric is facing away from the template. We add our fabric for section #2, sew our seam, fold down the paper, trim with a 1/4" seam allowance, fold back the paper, press up our second piece of fabric into place - Same as before -

In my frustration to get the sizing right, I forgot to take a whole lot of photos for you  - sorry about that....

Once you have made both of your templates, join them together. I like to join them from the middle where I know the most focus will be. Joining them from the sides will sometimes leave a smidge off -center     - and you don't want that....

This is my completed block for March - I trimmed my block down to the 6.5" line by cutting of a smidg- iest - smidge off each side. Don't cut on one side only.

These are the Jan, Feb and March blocks remade - all the same size. Now I just need to make another 3 of each to catch up with all of you guys.....
I'm including in the March pattern all of the templates for these 3 blocks.

The patterns will be on my Beg BoM page.
Smaller size in the GDrive download and bigger size in the Craftsy download.

I hope this is the end of the size issues.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Week 1 Forest QAL

Today is the start of our 
Forest Quilt-a-Long!

I hope you're all excited and ready to GO!

Forest Art Quilt - 38 x 52" (130 x 90 cm) Easy Intermediate Level

Week 1:

Cut out the pieces, join them and lay them out in front of you to get a good visual. Write your colour choices onto the segments.

I've decided that I'm not going to make myself crazy with all the different colours that could be used.
Im only making marks on my pattern pieces to show where I want a dark green fabric. The rest is up to whatever my hand grabs out of the "Green bin".

You are welcome to change your Forest into an Autumn/Fall scene or even done in blues to look more Wintery...
Up to you...

Another thing - this is an Art Quilt - some of the triangles are not the same size as the triangles next to them - all good!

I hope you have fun with this Quilt a Long!

Our first week pattern pieces are not very hard to put together.
You will need to join the pieces together - I use sellotape - it works well.
The paper I use is also just photocopy paper - but feel free to use whatever you have. Eventually we will be tearing it off the back and throwing it out.

Leave the paper on your pieces for now - don't tear it off yet. you need the seam lines when sewing the different week pieces together.

* If you would still like to join us in this 12 week 
    (one piece a week- not hard) Art Quilt then go to the 
INFO page. All are still welcome!

 That's it for this week
Really not even breaking a sweat!

Have a great day!

Monday, 2 March 2015

March BOM '15 Oceans - Manta Ray

Hello and welcome!

Today is our 3rd Block of the Month with the Oceans theme:

This month we will be making this beautiful Giant Manta Ray - 14" (37cm)

These beautiful creatures always fascinate me with their large "wings" and how they seem to be flying in the water. I have tried to create the sun shining onto the water and the different colour blues that seem to radiate outwards getting darker as the ocean gets deeper with shards of light coming down from above.
The corals in the foreground can be made with different colour fabrics to give it a beautiful vibrant effect.

As usual - I lay out my pattern onto my desk so that I can get a good visual idea of what I need to do. 

I made a colour chart for myself with all the different blues I could find and then the greys too.

I wrote the colour number (this time) onto the segments of the pattern so that I can remember which I need where....

The software does ask if I want to add the colour numbers in small squares onto the pattern - which sounds ideal....
but!! those small squares with the colour numbers are so in the way and sometimes you can't see the lines to sew onto.
Besides, now you get to choose which colour you want.

I eventually decided that I don't like colour #4 in my lineup and I went with colour #3 in all the #3 and #4 segments.
You can go with what you have... Its your block - you decide.

Look at all those bright colour corals and rocks on the sea bed. You can go with whatever you like too.

The cream colour for the Manta Ray's stomach turned out to be fun - a little pattern never hurt anyone...

I didn't have enough of #2 fabric so I had to use a darker aqua colour as well. Not a train smash. The ocean water has so many colour in it, I feel it works fine.

This is my finished Manta Ray 14" - I think the blue batik fabric was a good choice. I just love it!

As usual the Block of the Month will be FREE for the month it is released and you can all find it in my Craftsy shop.

Click on the image below or in the BoM Page and it will take you directly to the pattern

I hope you all have loads of fun making this block of the Manta Ray.

Visit JaneenVN's Craftsy Pattern Store »

* Our Friday Link up winner (drumroll...picking a number out of the bowl) is link up #7
Yaay! let me know which pattern from my shop (value up to $5)
and I'll send you the PDF.

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Friday, 27 February 2015

Friday Paper Piecing Party #8

For the end of the month  I'm showing a block that I made 

My block is of a Jellyfish and measures 8.5" (20.5 cm)

The pattern is from Claudia Hasenbach
Lots of fun. I also added the tentacles using FMQ onto the block after it was finished.


It's also Friday Link - up Party Time

Share your paper piecing designs, blocks etc and show us your latest creations...

Visit a few others and spread a little FPP love.

Have a Great Week-End!
 (BoM time on Monday!!)

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

WiP Wed

Ever since I made this Feb block for the Oceans BoM, I've just wanted it to rather be something else. It's just the artist brain..... it wants what it wants.....

After thinking about it for a while, I've decided to turn a few of the Ocean blocks into wall art and hang them up in a row in the passage or somewhere...

This is what I had in mind:

This is an artists stretched canvas on a frame - 12" - thought is was about right because the block was 14" and it needs to cover all sides and be fastened at the back.

Alas! The sewn block was too small. I could have got a thinner framed block but I wanted that box look, so I just had to add a border around the block (1.5").

The sewn block was then put down onto the desk - facing the desk - and the artist block was put onto it and moved around to try and get all of the seal into the front view. Only a small bit of his 'arm' 'fin' things didn't fit and would have to curl around the edge.

 This is the front view.

I stretched the sewn block and stapled it to the frame. Then the opposite side. Then side and side were stapled down. The corners were folded the same way I fold a mitered corner on my quilts and then also stapled down.

Then all that needs doing was to hang it up.
Shame, he looks lonely - now I need to make him a few friends.

Have a great day!

Monday, 23 February 2015

Monday's Mystery Block

Monday's - well, that's enough said right there....

I'm going to post another  "Mystery Block" today
I hope you all enjoy making this one too.

There is no image to work on - just the instruction sheet.
Download your block HERE

Post your finished Mystery #2 block HERE.

Thanks to everyone who gives it a go and sews along!


Our Friday Link Up Winner - Link #2 - Congrats! you won yourself a free pattern
look in the shop (value up to $5) and let me know so that I can send it off to you .
Thanks to everyone for linking up and showing us your amazing paper pieced blocks.
I love them all!!!

Friday, 20 February 2015

Paper Piecing Party #7

Today is our Friday Paper Piecing Party!
Once again you all get to link up something you have worked on

I've been hard at designing new patterns for the magazine and the Block of the Month - so sewing was at an all time low.....

I really want to remind everyone about the Art Quilt Q-a-Long starting in March.
We will be making this amazing Forest Art Quilt 
All info HERE...

I hope you all decide to join in with the rest of us...

Have a Great Week-End!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hello to all of you.
What a busy week this has been. Not horrible, just busy...

First order of business:

Our Beginner BOM seems to have gone awry in the measurements ...... AAAARRGGGH!

The blocks need to measure 6.5" (16.5 cm)
Some of you have the faulty January block which measures 5.5" - its the conversion from cm to inches.... Makes me go nutsy sometimes and make stupid mistakes. Sorry!

The blocks that are in my Craftsy shop are both 6.5" so you can download a new pattern from there.
Option B: I will continue making 5.5" patterns as well and you will just choose the one you need. I will make it downloadable from the blog.  (Beg Bom Page)

You will have to change one of the months so that the points of your block designs are not lost when we finish the quilt and add a border or backing.


Second order of business:

These are a few of my new designs for the magazine. I need some dedicated helpers to make the blocks while I make others and the Block of the Month blocks. I've only two hands left and all my others have somehow fallen off. I'm sure I had more.

Please let me know if you can help - only serious helpers please.... and if you really can and don't mind.... Thank you.... I really appreciate it. We have 4 and a 1/2 weeks to finish everything. Not that bad really.

Our colour scheme will be "Fresh Spring Feeling" and our theme is somewhat "whimsical".

Bird Stack - 10x12"  Mini quilt wall hanging

Song Birds - 14" Block - will make a great pillow or even a wall hanging.

Abstract Tree - 6 x 10" 

Need to make 9 of these either all the same and a different background or all different -  for a 3x3 mini quilt
measuring 18 x 30" without a border.

Sunglasses - 7 x 4.5"
Thinking of making a glasses pouch when done.

Ladybug Season
18" block
each block is 6.5"

House in a shoe - 14" block

Night Lily - 12"Block

will need to make 4 of these for a mini wall hanging. 24" plus a border.

Coloured Finch - 10" block

The blocks need to be made and then photographed. Not Posted/Mailed - too much hassle.
The finished block will be fine. If you choose to make something out of it - even better.

The others I have covered. Email me and let me know if you feel you can complete something for me. (janeenvn (at) gmail (dot) com) Thanks.

Have a Great Wednesday!


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