Friday, 31 October 2014

Paper Piecing Party #13

Today is our Link-Up Paper Piecing Party #13 !

Seems to be appropriate for today - Halloween and all that....

This week I've managed to work on 2 designs this week - that just 'hounded' me to get finished...

This is my "dog asleep" design
12" (30 cm) and is on the Intermediate Level

This is "Winter dog" all bundled up ready for his walk...

The block measures 12" (30cm)
Pattern pieces are large and easy to put together.
Easy Intermediate Level

Both are in their kennels at Craftsy.

Have a great week-end!

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Link up your designs, blocks and amazing paper pieced creations.
Make it something new we haven't seen before!
Visit a few ....
Have a bit of fun!

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

WiP Wed.

The past 2 weeks feels like a WiP - everything moving at snail pace - no other way!

I must show my Sew Sweet blocks (from Joanna at Shape Moth) that I've finished -

This is where it all started for me -
what a cute 'cupcake'.

I just love Joanna's patterns...

Then I added the great looking 'donut'

Now the amazing 'milkshake' has joined the group

All blocks measure 10" (25cm) and are on the intermediate level.

This is where we are at the moment. (Other kitchen blocks by Quiet Play).  

The last red block with cups is almost there. Like I said, everything at snail pace. After that, the lovely 'hot chocolate' block and we are done. I really think the sew sweet desert blocks has pulled this mini quilt out of the doldrums. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to finish the blocks, but now, I'm actually excited about it again.....

Have a good Wednesday!

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Fun on Tuesday!

I wanted to show you all something I've been working on. I saw a cute bag something like this on google+ the other day but the blog site had no instructions to follow, only photos.

Anyhoo,  I made myself / my daughter a cute box bag too.

I had to draw it out on a page and then wing it from there -

the sides were basically just a block with 2 pieces and then 2 long handles added. The handles need to be inserted before you sew the top and bottom together.
(ask me how I know this now??) LOL!

The other side looks exactly the same.

The plain green with a zip is (the size of the side + top + side + seam allowances on both sides.)
The patterned green strip is also the same measurement  but without cutting it in two for the zip. Then I trimmed it to look neater and even.

I then sewed the middle strip onto the sides of the bag and matched it to the middle where the fabric change happens.

This was actually the only sewing I done with my machine on this little bag.

This is the lining of the bag that I had to work out on paper first.

After cutting up batting and hand sewing it into my bag - on the seams and extra onto the bottom, I hand stitched the lining into the bag.

I guess I done it this way so that I could sit/lie on the couch and do it and not work my angry back nerves up.....

I suppose you could sew up the lining into a little bag and then just insert it into the bag and then attach it by hand along the zip area.


I even made a little pocket onto the lining - 'cause every little bag needs one...

And there you have it - a little box bag.

It measures about 6".

I haven't decided if I want the handles to be stitched down yet... still deciding...

Not bad for no pattern...

Have a good Tuesday everyone...

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Monday, 27 October 2014

Monday's News

Hello, hope you're all well...

I wanted to show something that I started a while ago - Mini Autumn Harvest Quilt.

Each block measures 10,5" (25cm) and is really very easy.

Once I've completed the quilt I will put all 9 blocks into one "free book" with instructions. The mini quilt is not paper pieced (WHAT!!) and is made up of old traditional blocks.

So far I've made 7 blocks and now slowly but surely I'll be completing the rest.

That's Monday for you...

Thanks to everyone who linked up on Friday -
I was wondering - do you like to receive a 'surprise' pattern or do you prefer to just choose something yourselves??

Our Friday winner: Link #2 - Medea  (design of your daughter is awesome!)
Let me know..... thanx!

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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Paper Piecing Party Link-Up #12

Hello and Welcome
 to another Paper piecing Party Link-Up!

Thank you to every one of you for joining in and showing some of your incredible talent. I love all of them - and to visit your blogs or photos - really amazing!

 Only thing I've managed to finish this week was a 'commission' piece design -  
Sleeping Dog (18 x 24")

Thanks so much for all the 'get well soon' messages. I really appreciate all of them. 
It's unfortunately back to the dentist for me for more of the root canal treatment. Happy Day!

Link up your blocks, designs and photos and let's have a party! 
Visit a few and we will all talk on Monday! 
Luv u guys! 

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

WiP Wednesday

Wow this month is really in a hurry!

Do you also feel that way? It feels as if just yesterday was the beginning of the month...
This is really time flying.....

I still haven't done any sewing - much to my anxiety! but I really can't even sit down or walk around for ten minutes. Doctor says it must be a nerve that is angry..... something to do with the large intestine and the amount of medication I've been taking for my teeth....
Getting old just plain sucks!!

Anyhooo.... I'm showing a few of my designs for Halloween. We don't dress up or do the collecting sweets thing here - I guess with good reason...just not very safe anymore.

If you need me, I'll be the one lying down and looking at all your blogs from my iPad.

Halloween Patterns:
Visit JaneenVN's Craftsy Pattern Store »

There is still the free download of the Halloween Bat here on the blog too -
Don't forget to visit my Pattern Shop here on the blog too - thanx!

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Monday Already!

Hello and welcome
please make yourself comfortable
grab a tea and a cookie and lets chat...
 Free Download Pattern (10")

I can't actually believe its Monday - already...
the week-end flew by in a haze of pain pills and backache

I must first of all say Sorry! to the QAL ladies, I haven't made my week 10 block yet, so I can't show anything... sewing is just killing me right now - who knows?????

The only thing I finished was my "Donut" block from Shape Moth Sew Sweet QAL on Friday. These blocks are just so cute, I actually can't wait for the next 2.

I was looking at everyone's amazing work from the Link-Up party we had on Friday - Well Done! You have all  made such amazing blocks and quilts. I love them all.

Here is another link to a free pattern - Halloween Bat Mug Rug/table mat (10 x 14")

Thanks for joining in!

That's it for Monday - I really need to go and lie down...

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Friday, 17 October 2014

Friday Fun!


Today is another Paper Piecing Party Link-Up!
Bring your amazing creations and join in the fun

Just look at this amazing mini-quilt Ken Ritzline made - Totally Awesome!

Here is something I'm working on at the moment. I started making the Retro Kitchen blocks from Kristy @ Quiet Play but I lost interest, and now I'm going to add the Sew Sweet desert blocks from Joanna @ Shape Moth. I can't wait to make my "doughnut" block to add to these.
It seems to have got the mini-quilt back on track...

Please link up something new that we haven't seen before....

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cupcakes anyone?

What have you been up to lately?

Yesterday I had a day of just sitting and sewing - and not even a pattern of my own. It was loads of fun. Sometimes working all hours to get things done and finished can suck the fun out of things. On my short break I realized that I want to also have more ME time and do other things too.

This cute "Cupcake" block is designed by Joanna from Shape Moth.
She is having a QAL - "Sew Sweet" over on her blog.

I have such a soft spot for her and her designs because this is where I learned to love paper piecing. After making a few beginner blocks I found her site and started doing the Forest QAL. Totally fell in love with all things paper......

I'm going to use these sweet blocks together with my other retro kitchen blocks and make up a whole cute kitchen mini-quilt.

I also decided on our next BOM for 2015 -
The theme will be "Oceans"
I'll make up a page for it all soon and you can already decide if you're in....
Everything will work the same as this year's BOM - In the Garden

That's it for today...

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Monday, 13 October 2014

Monday's News

I haven't posted anything on the Art Quilt QAL - "Quiet Landscape" for about 2 weeks now.

Here are some of my photos of how I caught up with all  of you still busy doing the weekly pattern piece.

I think this is where I was last. I had also just changed the grass fabric behind the sheep.

The photo makes the whole quilt look so small here, but believe me, its really large....

Here is week 7 - completing the river bank and the road.

Here I wanted to show you all something really unusual. After figuring out the puzzle that was Piece A - I found that when joining the top and bottom part there was a 'step' in the pieces. Thank heavens it was repeated on the top piece as well and still fitted together really well.

One thing must be noted. I only do the design. The software produces the pattern to the size. Ive never had problems with the patterns, this was just really unusual.....

This is the river section - week 8 all done.

Here is week 9 and now the river banks are finished.

The bottom half is now completed and now we work on the trees. In 3 weeks all is done and dusted!!

This is my Art Quilt's bottom half. Not looking too bad. I'm also starting to think of what type of free motion quilting I want to use on the river and on the grass.

That's Monday....

Don't forget to visit my Pattern Shop here on the blog too - thanx!

Thanks to everyone who posted something for our Paper Piecing Party...... 
Link 5 will be getting a free pattern. 

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