Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Forest QAL #5

Hello and welcome to all who have joined us (even a little late)!!
I hope you are all enjoying the art quilt and are furiously putting it all together.

One thing is for sure! It isn't very difficult - the pieces you put together for the week are not the worst bit of paper piecing you've ever experienced!!

Now to get on with Week #5

For week 5 we will work on the top half of the tree.
Write onto your pattern pieces which are dark and which are the birds.

 Once your segments are done, join them together.

Be careful to match up the birds.

This week the top of the tree does not get sewn to the other pieces we have, we will wait for week 6 to finish the tree and then attach it to the piece with the moon and the flying geese.

This is what I have so far (you have all caught up to me as well)

For the BOM Oceans - I have added the pattern to the Craftsy Shop and the BOM Page already, but I will discuss it tomorrow.

The Paper Piecing Magazine is 1 Year old today! YaaaaaY!
Make sure you visit for the Giveaways

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Challenge Block

Here it is!

My Hasenbach block for March for

Ive made the CRAB (8" - 20 cm)
Really quick to put together. Lots of FUN!

Unfortunately once I got to the last pieces, I found I had no more of the beige background. No problem. I will just have to be creative when the Sea Life Quilt gets sewn together.

Patterns are from Claudia Hassenbach (HERE)

Have a great Tuesday!


The Forest QAL will be on the blog tomorrow - Wednesday

**  The Paper Piecing Magazine will be having a Birthday Giveaway - Wednesday

The BOM Oceans on the blog - Thursday

The Beg BOM on the blog - Friday - with the Link up!

Just soooo many things waiting in line for the end of the month.....

Monday, 30 March 2015

Monday's News

What a week-end! Just really busy.....

I've managed to finish the new Issue #5 of the Paper Piecing Magazine for April to June '15. YAAAY!

I was asked to design a Great White Shark block for someone and this is the finished design - This block is 20" big.

I'm thinking of adding it to my Craftsy shop as well, but maybe a little smaller size (14")?? 

And now, thank heavens the end of the month projects are almost at an end, I still need to design a whole set of snowflakes for another person.


Our week-end Link up winner:  Link #4 
Let me know and I'll send you a pattern of your choice.

Have a great Monday!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Paper Piecing Party #12

Hello! Welcome!

Thanks for joining us today
As usual - we will be having a party

And who needs a reason to have a party?? We sure don't -

So! Lets get going - link up whatever you have - as long as it was paper pieced.

Sorry I don't have anything new here today but Craftsy did send me an email that they want to feature the Bitty block of Grumpy Cat - Yaaay!

It is in my Craftsy Shop and it can be downloaded from the Bitty FaL Page
is a FREE download (4" - 10.5cm)

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes and love, I had a really peaceful and super day.
Hugs for all. (((((((X))))))))

Visit a few links and leave a little comment - BE NICE - thank you.

Have an amazing week-end!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mystery Block #4

Today I'm going to add another Mystery Block to our already growing collection....

There is no image to work with - just the instruction sheet

Download your FREE block PDF Pattern - HERE    (Amended pattern)LOL!!!
Forgot to add the colour indicators to the pattern. Added one with colour squares to the end so that you can use either one.

You can link up your finished block on our Mystery Page  - HERE

I hope you all enjoy this one too...

Thanks to everyone who gives it a go and sews along!


Monday, 23 March 2015

Monday's Style

This morning I woke up early and decided to make another addition to my 
50's Style patterns

This is a 12 x 20" Poster - "50s style poster #1" (30x52cm)
Its on the Intermediate level
in my Craftsy shop.

The model has a wasp waist jacket and a tight pencil skirt, with a collar and bow on her jacket in the same fabric decorated with large pompom flowers. Her veiled hat, gloves and shoes all complement her ensemble .....  (did you say that in a posh voice??) LOL! try it, it sounds so much better.

I love the 50s style - so elegant - wouldn't fit me tho', not even a bit....
Still good to look at tho'

Must get my magazine done, see you all Friday!
Winners from Friday's party =  
Link #7 & #13

Let me know which pattern (up to $5) you would like and I will send you the PDF.

Have a great MONDAY!!

Visit JaneenVN's Craftsy Pattern Store »


Friday, 20 March 2015

Paper Piecing Party #11

It's Friday - already....

I have a surprise for all of you.....
Tomorrow (21 March) is my birthday! 

Yaay! so, I'm going to be having a week-end of gifts! - for all of you!
Are you doing the happy dance?

I haven't been near my sewing machine for a few days - I hurt my arm a while ago (doing something really stupid) and it still aches so much, so now I'm doing my best to rest it before next week when I start on my next Oceans block.
So..... unfortunately nothing new from me to share - yet...

The good news! I'm doing the Birthday Giveaway! this week-end.

Lets all have a little cake and a glass of champagne..
"a toast"  - A great year for everyone!!

These 2 patterns will be available for FREE this week-end

Have an amazing week-end!

Last Chance to Join up to the Forest Quilt-A-Long!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Week 3 & 4

Hello and Welcome!

Today we carry on with our Forest Quilt-a-Long

We are busy doing Week 3, but I want to include Week 4 as well, because I just have a ton of work for the magazine and I might not get around to everything.

For week 3 we cut out our pattern pieces and join them all together. It gets a little tricky, but just join the pieces to the same numbers on each piece.

Write onto your segments where you want which colour - for this it's quite simple - the moon, the white glow and the geese flying. You can decide which colour you are making the geese - if they are all the same colour or from dark to light as I made mine.

Week 3 does not join anything just yet - we need to finish making week 4 for that.

Week 4 is the same thing but I just made the start of the geese the darkest colour.

Once it was done I joined week 3 and 4 together and then the week 1 & 2 joins to the week 3 & 4to make a large chunk of the art quilt already.

I hope you all enjoy putting your Forest together.

 I included in your week installment pattern pieces a larger design numbering chart so that you can get a better look at what is hiding in the trees. Its an extensive chart so if you only look from the computer screen - I do get it. Otherwise its 28 pages that you stick together - same size as the quilt.

Looking to join up to 
the Forest Quilt-A-Long

Have a great Wednesday!!

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

St. Paddys

To celebrate along with everyone, I've designed a small little "Shamrock" for you all.

It's a Itty Bitty 4" (10.5cm) - so it could even be turned into a wee badge I thinks.

 The pattern is really easy and I've added it to my Craftsy shop. Enjoy!

Visit JaneenVN's Craftsy Pattern Store »

Monday, 16 March 2015

Mystery Block #3

Today we will be trying out another Mystery Block

I just love all the other blocks that you linked up to the Mystery Page - they are wonderful!

I hope you all enjoy making this one too.

There is no image to work on - just the instruction sheet.
Download your FREE block PDF Pattern HERE

Post (Link up) your finished Mystery #3 block HERE

Thanks to everyone who gives it a go and sews along!


Our Friday Link Up Winners - Link # 2 and Link #10 - 

Congrats! you won yourselves a free pattern!
look in the shop (value up to $5) and let me know so that I can send it off to you .
Thanks to everyone for linking up and showing us your amazing paper pieced blocks.

I love them all!!!


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