Friday, 1 July 2016

Block of the Month (Both BoMs)

Today we will be doing both of the
Block of the Months in one post...

Lets start with the Beginner block of the Month for July
This month we only have one block to make...

Block #10 is also just as easy to make and was really quick to put together.

I wanted to show you how I join the edges of pattern pieces together.

I find the piece with the corresponding numbers and then only on one side do I cut off the "Glue Edge" piece. Then I use sellotape and stick the cut piece over the other glue edge side and line up everything. Done!

Once you have your pieces stuck together - if you use glue, then please wait for it to dry before sewing - and also - if using sellotape - don't iron on that portion. The tape is a bit** to get off your iron when it sticks to it.... 

Okay, once all is stuck and you've laid it out in front of you -
you can write onto the sections which colour you would like to go where and off you go.
Be sure to match up the edges of the small blocks and then the middle portion to the outer blocks.
Finished! Really quick too...

This is our un-finished 10.5" block. Ive turned mine to face this direction because I only had a small piece of the middle fabric and facing the other way would make the houses lie on their sides.
You understand....
I hope you enjoy sewing your block together too...

The pattern is Free for July
 You can find it in my Craftsy shop.

There is a BOM page button on the right of the blog where you will find all the block of the month information. On each of these I will add the pattern with quick links too.


 On to our second BOM block
Our "Wanderlust" more Intermediate block

 Our "Wanderlust" has taken us now to Egypt where we visit the Sphinx and Pyramids in Giza.

 This was something I've always wanted to go and see, but now, after doing a lot of photo research for the block, I've changed my mind...
Rather not say why....

 Our block was generously made for me by
Joan Wintergill of USA. Thanks so much, I really appreciate all the help.

The seams on the back of the block can be pressed open to eliminate any bulk that may occur.

 Here we have our finished 18" block - Just simply amazing! I love all those sandstone colours.

Hope you have just as much fun making this BOM block too.

The block is FREE for July and is available in my Craftsy shop.

The BOM information is in the button to the right of the blog where you can also find the BOM buttons if you would like to spread the word. 


Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Ribbons Quilt A Long

Hi there everyone...
We're back from our short holiday in the Game Reserve and it was really just what I needed.

Today I wanted to talk about the Ribbons Quilt A Long that we will start next week on the 6th July and end on 10 August. This is a very easy Beginner level quilt provided that you know about basic paper piecing.

The quilt measures 38 x 52" (130 x 90cm) and you can either go dark background or light background. Just as you like. Fabric requirements are in the pattern instructions.

Each Wednesday for the 6 weeks we're busy I'll blog about the progress and we can share photos of finished pieces. You can make your Ribbons quilt any colour fabric you like. The last QAL didn't even put a dent into my scraps boxes so Im going to try and use up some more of those pieces that I have. Just look at the spaces between and think of all that FMQ that could liven this baby up....

 This is our Sewing Plan for the 6 weeks -

I hope you'll join me for this cute and quick (and easy) quilt. Mine is going to make a fantastic lap quilt for the icy cold evenings in front of the TV.
Ribbons Pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop.

Have a great day!

Friday, 24 June 2016

Wonky Finish Up and Link Competition

Hello there to everyone who joined in the Quilt A Long and to those who are doing a little window shopping too...

Today Im going to finish up with the Wonky Houses QAL.

By now you're either all finished up, catching up or sorting the fabrics... Wherever you are in the whole process, I hope you had/having/going to have FUN!!

I have such a large box of scraps, so this QAL was really just what it needed. Around half way I even found a few smaller boxes and then sorted all the scraps into colour groups and now I have a huge collection of small scraps in small boxes.....somewhere in my mind it did make it all better..... now I don't need to dig through everything for something pink - I find the pink scraps box.......seeeee......

Wonky Houses Pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop

Day 4,5 &6

As usual, cut out your pieces, write notes onto the paper if you need to remember something, decide on a colour fabric and have some fun sewing....

I didn't take a photo of the middle piece on this house - who knows - but everything is very straight forward.

My night sky is coming along really nicely...

Once you've made all the pieces - I didn't take a photo of Day 6 which was a tree, then you can sew everything together and join your rows too.

This is MY finished Wonky Houses top. YaaaaaY!! I need to add a border to mine and remove the last row's paper. I can't decide exactly what I'll do on the FMQ yet, so it will just have to wait a while...

I'm going to be going to the Game Reserve with my hubby. Its our 25 year anniversary, so we're doing something we both love. I'll be back on Monday, so I'll be busy with the magazine the whole of next week... going to be a great one!!


Link up your Wonkies....

Ive enabled the voting on the links too, so vote on who's Wonky Houses look the most awesome, tell your friends to vote too - and once I'm back I'll send the winner a prize....
(Prize = Any Pattern of choice up to $8...)

Thanks so much for also joining in...

Have a Great Week-End!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Wonky Houses 17/21

Its our Wonky Houses Quilt A Long....

 Ulrike Brandl from Germany sent me this amazing photo of her Wonky Houses Quilt.
Thanks so much! its so beautiful! I love it. The cute hippos in the top house are such a lovely touch.

Its already Day 17of 21 and its all smooth sailing to the end now...

This is our Week #3's plan.
Monday I finished the tree in #1 and this is the #2 and #3 that will carry you up to Wednesday's bit of work.

Day #2:

As you can see, this is not the most work you've ever had to do...
This QAL is relaxed and 'keeping it real'...

Ive been using up only scraps from my box and I must say.... Im loving this!!

Day #3:

 This is the house part and I think the hardest bit is to decide which colour to make your house.

This is the first 3 days now ready to be sewn together

I want my third row to look like its going over into the night, so the black with little white shapes are to represent the night sky...

Just squint a little and you'll see what I mean....

Also Linking up today with Sew Fresh Quilts 

Have a Great Day!

Monday, 20 June 2016

Wonky Houses QAL 15/21

Hello Everyone.... from Everywhere!!

Today we are on the start of our
Wonky Houses Quilt A Long Third Week....

This was the end of the second week (days 6 and 7)

 I didn't have enough of the grey polka dots fabric, so I had to improvise and make a smoke cloud coming out of the chimney on the last house.

They're probably the only warm ones on this street....

I also joined the two rows together and pulled out most of the paper. I did leave the paper on the ends so that I can match up the seams on the third row.

Third Week (Pieces CC - CY)

This is our third week plan... Its just as wonky as the houses.
I tried to divide up the sections into 7 days, but it really only fits 6 days.
We can use the 7th day to finish up or even add a border if you would like.

Day 1:
  Again, not a lot of work. We need to make the tree for day 1. I wanted mine to have a night time look, but the dark fabric was all I had, so it will have to do for night sky. There's just loads of stars out.....
I hope you all have fun sewing your block together too...

Have a Great Monday!

Friday, 17 June 2016

Wonky Houses 12/21

Hello everyone!

Today is already our Day 12 of our
Wonky Houses Quilt A Long.

Right now we're on Day 5 of the second week...

Day 3 and 4 we finished up with the middle house.

 I wasn't sure if I should make the smaller part of the house the same colour or not, so when I found a small piece with a cat on it, it turned into the cat's small house out front....

Here is the first 2 houses all sewn together...

Day 5
I like to group the pieces where I can see they will fit together and make notes on the paper.

This time I didn't write down the colour of the pink tree and lo and behold I made a mistake....
In piece 3 I used a beigh fabric with small flowers on it and in day 5 I used a pink piece with flowers. NOT the same.....
but its just too bad now.

This is a Wonky Neighbourhood, so anything goes...

This is day 5 finished and its also the week-end where you can finish up with the second row of houses.
Once you finish the second row, you can join the two together as well and start to pull some of the paper out. Just leave enough on the bottom edge so that you can still match up the second and third row.

Remember to also cut out your third row pattern pieces for the last week of our QAL.

Wonky Houses Pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop

Its Friday, so that means you can link up your designs, blocks, finishes, whatever you like....

Thanks so much for also joining in...

Have a Great Week-End!


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