Friday, 8 February 2019

Its Friday - already....

Hello everyone

I can't believe that it's Friday already. I know I've been busy with new patterns etc. but this feels ridiculous... the days are so short.

Recently I decided to upgrade my EQ7 to an 8....
Was feeling excited.....
Hmmm  now Im not sure...

where are all the fabrics I used to have on 7?? why do I have to buy them as extras to add to my software.....

I made an easy pattern, but the image you print to show the block is in my opinion rather 'meh' and you can't change it or improve it.

You still don't get the fabric chart for paper piecing which makes me a little crazy. The pattern pieces are now 'coloured in' - sort of similar to the picture of the block.

 I made the block (6inch - 16cm) and its pretty straight forward. I used about a 4" strip for the background and scraps for the rest.

Give it a try and let me know.
Download HERE....

Have a good week-end!


Wednesday, 6 February 2019

What are you working on?

Hello there...

I've been busy with a few new patterns for the shop.

This is Cat-ctus
The pattern is 10" (26cm)

Hipster Cat #2
Pattern is 14" (36cm)

For Valentine we have

A Cactus Family
Pattern is 16" (42cm)

A Valentine heart
pattern is 18" (47cm)

This one I'm still writing up the instructions
Pattern measures 40" (102cm)

All the patterns will be added to my shop.


Friday, 1 February 2019

February BOM

Hello everyone

Today we've moved on from the 10 weeks of January...

Its Block of the Month time again
and today we have another in our
Amazing and Odd Animals Alphabet.

Today we have a Bandicoot.

They're found in eastern Australia, from north Queensland along the east coast to Victoria. Around 40 centimeters (16 in) long, it is sandy- or grey-brown with a long snout nose. Omnivorous, it forages for invertebrates, fungi and plants at night.

here's a look at the real thing....

Our block was tested by Joan Wintersgill and Joanne Harris. Thanks so much!

Thanks to both of you! I love them both. They're so unusually cute!!

Now you can give it a go! The block measures 12" (31cm) and is on the easy intermediate level.
You can find the block in the Block of the Month >>> block category.

I hope you enjoy sewing up this little guy!

Have a great week-end!


Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Wednesday WiP

Hello there everyone!

I've been so busy trying to finish up with the commissioned patterns that people asked me to make in December already. Sorting the shop out was such a mission. Im glad to say that it seems to be sorted out and running smoothly now.  YAAAAY!!!

I think it's time to get back to sewing and my Elephants have been waiting patiently for their second half...

The Elephants Landscape is 55x16" (133x42cm)
and can be found in the ANIMALS >> African Animals category in the shop.
Has anyone else finished theirs? Won't you add a photo to the group on FB and let us all have a look.

To celebrate the Shop finally being sorted.... I've made a new pattern.
The Flower in a Vase measures 6x10" (16x26cm) and is on the Easy Intermediate level.

I'll add it to the shop in the PLANTS >>> Flowers category.


Friday, 25 January 2019

WiP Friday...

Hello everyone!

Thanks so much to everyone who has been joining up or 'like'-ing or following. Im sure every bit helps.

I've spent so much time just doing computer work that I haven't had any time to do some sewing. NOOOOOO!!!! It feels like withdrawal...
So, I wanted to make something simple that could work as a 'mug rug' or even larger if I had time.

I LOVE mosaics, so making a few quilted mosaic blocks that form secondary patterns too is right up my street. I stopped with mosaic tiles because I always had cuts on my fingers and sewing them seemed so much 'cleaner'.

Tile #1

Tile #2

 Geometric Stars

 Tile #3

Im always amazed at how your eye starts to notice secondary patterns inside each of the blocks - well, once you add more blocks that is. Adding different fabrics into the sections creates even more options.

I'll be adding all the Mosaic Tiles to my Geometric Blocks category in my Shop.

I hope you all have a peaceful week-end.


Monday, 21 January 2019

Getting back to normal

Hello everyone
Thanks so much for popping in for a visit!

Today I wanted to ask you all a favour....

I have found that getting the new website 'out there' and noticed by the same amount of people that were digging around in the old Craftsy is not easy. Thank heavens some remember the name of the shop and do a bit of digging on the internet or others follow a link from Facebook.

This is where the favour comes in....
Do you follow me on Instagram (I really need to step up and post a lot more on all these platforms!)

Do you follow the Facebook site or the group where we show the finished blocks or quilts made with the patterns?

What about Twitter? I must say I'm not the biggest fan of this, but I guess I will have to learn how if I want my business to recover from the hit of having to move to an independent site.

Here are the links to my account at these platforms...
If you could please follow so that others might see the like or the post on your 'wall' or site, I would be immensely grateful!!! If you know of others I should be using that get a person noticed, will you please email me ( Thanks!


Monday, 14 January 2019

Pattern Shop

Hello everyone!

Today I feel really exhausted, but happy.

I've added more than 600 patterns to my new Pattern Shop and things are running relatively smoothly.
Big big sigh!

Thanks for all the encouragement during the past few weeks where things were hectic, passwords were illusive and downloading patterns took a new look.

The new shop has a SHOP BY CATEGORY function on the top Black Bar where you can hover your computer mouse and see the drop down menu. I really hope you find what you're looking for. You can always email me about old patterns that I didn't add.

I feel as if things can get back to normal now even if it's without Craftsy. I decided to leave those remaining patterns they chose for me with them - maybe someone will be interested and see I have a new shop too. It was nice to belong to a 'community' but its exciting to be soaring high in the clouds doing my own thing my way too.

Now, its back to finishing up commissions, thinking of a 'project' for us for the year - something really amazing, doing the block of the months and all the new blocks.

Please stay tuned for a new year FULL of great patterns and loads of FUN!!

If you need to chat with me about something or other...... please email me. (


Friday, 11 January 2019


Hello Everyone!

Another week gone by and I've been loading patterns to the shop every day....

Each time I think I'm nearing the end, I find another file and more patterns. Eventually it will all be done. If you can't find the patterns you're looking for, you can always just come back in a few days and it might have been added. Otherwise you could always just email me.

I've been asked to go and 'house sit' for the weekend - so Im off with my iPad and I'll be having a few days rest. I will try to answer emails that I can, but if you need more, I won't be able to help until Monday. Thanks.

I've found this cute Block in my files and I'm adding it to my GDrive for you all to enjoy!
Download your pattern HERE.....<<<<


Monday, 7 January 2019

Start of new Work Year...

Hello there to everyone
Im glad you've joined me today.

By now you know of the NEW Pattern Shop and have gone over to check it all out...
Exciting days!!!

I have learned so much in such a short period that I think my head is twice the size just with all the new info.

If you're experiencing problems with passwords and getting an email etc. then don't worry.
I now know how to help you and you can email me at ( janeenvn(at)gmail(dot)com ) and we can get it sorted out quickly. It seems that the firewalls in email programs have been preventing you from receiving the emails etc.

Thanks to everyone who hasn't given up on it all yet!!!
Can I please ask that you help me with getting the word out there .... Thanks!


Today is the Start of the 2019  Bitty Blocks

The idea behind these was to create small blocks for those who liked the challenge of making tiny blocks.

Each month I will release one small Bitty Block and it will be FREE in that month until the next one is released in the next month - then it gets a price on it's head....

These are usually in the second week of the month.

Today we have a Tiny Bee
I love bees! Always on the go. I feel like one some days.

The block measures 5" (14cm) and is on the Intermediate level.

You can go to the Pattern Store and find the TINY BEE in the
Bitty Blocks category.

I hope you have fun with this one!

For those who get too flustered with the small blocks - I have a sizing guide that works on a copy machine to make the blocks larger or smaller.

You can download the Sizing PDF here.....<<<<


Monday, 31 December 2018

End of the Year and Start of new Shop

Hello to everyone!

Wow, December is over! 2018 is over!
I hope your 2019 is a year full of great blessings, peace and loads of sewing!

Thank you for all your support in this past year with pattern testing, support in the shop, buying a coffee and just being there to lend an ear. I really appreciate all of you!

As most of you know by now, Craftsy has given all the independent designers the boot out the back door and some have no more shop or like me I'm left with 26 random patterns.

I've started up my own Website Pattern Shop and I will be adding patterns each day until all are back and sorted out in categories so that we can find things a little easier.

Also -

The 2019 Block of the Month
This year we will be doing 13 Amazing and Odd Animal Alphabet blocks

This is January's Block

It's an Aardvark

The pattern measures 12" (31cm) and is on the Easy Intermediate level

Here are the blocks that the testers have finished already.
Thanks to Joan Wintersgill and Joanne Harris. They're both lovely

You can add the letter in or leave it out - your choice.

You can go to the New Website Pattern Shop to grab your BoM block <<<<
As usual the block will be FREE for the month of its release.

** When you visit, you will see that you can register an account or you can buy as a guest. Just as you like.
Each pattern will be downloadable from the site and each will be given 2 chances to download it. The link to the pattern will not expire, so you can do it later if you like from the email you will also receive.

The Dec. BoM and the Dec. Bitty block were taken down early by craftsy, so I will leave them up on the new website for free for the next week.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year with your families.