Monday, 8 July 2019

July Bitty Block

Hello everyone!

Today we have another in the Bitty Block series.
This time it's a Succulent.

The block measures 5" (14cm) and is on the Intermediate level.

 The Bitty Blocks are no longer a free block BUT they only cost $2 each.

You can get your July Bitty Block in my online shop. 
They are in the Bitty Block Category.

Have a lovely week!


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Wednesday, 3 July 2019

WIP - Daisy String Quilt

Hello everyone!

Now that the end of the quarter and the beginning of the month are done....I've managed to get a few more blocks done on my
Daisy String Quilt.

The second row is almost there. Only 2 to go. Now to find the time...

This is a closer view of the daisy part of the row.

The pattern in in my shop in the String Quilts  OR  Flowers category.


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Monday, 1 July 2019

Block of the Month - July

Hello everyone!
Its a new month, so its a new Block of the Month too

This time around we have a Hermit Crab - and although known by everyone, this weird little fellow fits the bill in our "Odd and Unusual" animal alphabet.

I've never really thought about the tail part of a Hermit Crab, I think I supposed it was like any other crab but just living in a shell..... until I googled the images of it without its shell. OH EEW! Its like a crab front and a prawn back end that curls around inside the shell. No joke - didn't know.

 The block measures 12" (31cm) and is on the Intermediate level

The test blocks were sewn up by Joan Wintersgill and Joanne Harris.
Thanks so much! I love them both!

You can get your Hermit Crab block in my Online Shop.
The Block of the Month has its own category.

I hope you have fun with this one too!


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Friday, 21 June 2019

Friday's News

Hello there everyone
Im still busy with my Daisy Quilt - so here are a few more tidbits...

I've managed to finish the first row and then had to stop for a bit...
My back was aching so much I felt like crying
I've been to the Dr but that helped me about as much as a hole in my head!!
They shrug their shoulders and tell me its probably a nerve.... so who knows.
I just have to lie down flat and once its calmed down, I can carry on with whatever is screaming the loudest.

and then....

My husband got a head cold this past week... (insert horrible psycho chilling killer music here....)

and I couldn't run away...
even tho' I wanted to  - really badly...

but, Today is Friday
so I have hope! and it seems like a good day to try and sew a few more blocks.

I wanted to also talk about doing the flower.
You can always yank out the sections that make up the flower and do them first, but somehow that makes me feel anxious -  so I'm sticking to the rows and will get the the flower pieces as the come past.

I've decided to only have very few colour options on the flower and number them on the pieces so that when I do find pieces that line up, they will get the same colour number.

Now for another thing

After completing the first row, it looked short and I thought I needed another block on the end, but I looked at the design guide and it was right the way I had it. BUT it still only measured 38" . I went back to the pattern on the software, and the size says its 40" -  #$%^!!
Quite frankly I have no idea. The pattern says one thing but the sewn item says another.
But not to worry, its still all fine. I'll add a border at the end anyway and all will be fine.

If you'd like to join in - the pattern in in my shop in the String Quilts  OR  Flowers category.

Have a great week-end!


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Monday, 17 June 2019

WiP Daisy quilt

For the next few weeks I'll be working on the Daisy String Quilt.
I'll show all the progress here on the blog so that those new to paper piecing would be able to follow along and maybe even join in.

When I designed the daisy, I wanted the background to be a blur of greens and turquoise fabrics (mainly because I have so many scraps in those colours) but then I looked over at the blues and they also seemed so left out, so I've changed my background to be done in all the blues I have.
The flower will be turning pink because I have them in my garden, but you are welcome to go in whatever direction you like.

The background is broken up into 3 shades of 'green' with one side dark and the middle part a 'medium' shade and then a corner with some very light shades.

After printing the pattern part out, I cut all my pieces and then put them into alphabetical order.

I know that its tedious and takes forever doing this, but believe me it works really great in the long run.

On the layout chart I saw that row one was piece A to J, so its easy to grab those pieces off the top and then lay them out on the desk.

I also grabbed the scraps I like and then made a "light to dark" parade of them along the top of the desk.

You can see I've started to sew on random pieces that will make up the background.

The Daisy String Quilt is extremely easy going, so it shouldn't take forever to finish up. I just want to take my time between designing the commissioned blocks and enjoy my sewing time again.

It measures 40" (102cm) . It also has 8 blocks in 8 rows. Along the same lines as my Farmhouse String Quilt.

The pattern in in my shop in the String Quilts  OR  Flowers category.


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Thursday, 13 June 2019

Start of the Daisy String Quilt

Hello there everyone!

For such a long time I've been looking for a new desk for my computer. During the move my old desk was damaged really badly and I had to throw it out. I've been using my sewing table as a desk - so no space for anything else really.
After much searching (and why are desks so expensive???) I found a table to be able to put my computer, large monitor and printer on with space to actually work - so I'm happy.

To celebrate, I'm going to be sewing a new project for a while.

This is my Daisy String Quilt Pattern

It measures 40" (102cm) and is super easy. It also has 8 blocks in 8 rows. Along the same lines as my Farmhouse String Quilt.

Maybe now, I can find my footing again. I'll be posting on the progress as it comes along.

The pattern in in my shop in the String Quilts  OR  Flowers category.


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Monday, 10 June 2019

June Bitty Block

Hello everyone

Its time for a new Bitty Block
For June we have a Glow Worm 

The pattern measures 5" (14cm) 

The blocks are available in my shop and are $2 each. 
They have their own "Bitty Block" category.

I hope you enjoy sewing this really cute one too!

Thank you for all your support of my Art Work.  xoxo


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Saturday, 1 June 2019

June - block of the month

Today we have the June Block of the Month - a Genet

Genets are slender cat-like animals with a long body, a long ringed tail, large ears, a pointed muzzle and partly retractile claws.

The block measures 12" (31cm) and is on the more advanced side of intermediate

The test block was sewn up by Joan Wintersgill of the USA. Thanks so much Joan. I love it!

This is where we are with the Animals Alphabet.

You can find the block in my Online Shop...


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Monday, 27 May 2019

Giraffes Silhouette

WOW! this month has zoomed by really quickly.

I wanted something to hang on my new office wall stretched onto an artists' canvas -
Something that wouldn't be too much to handle and quick to sew up

so...... I've finished an Art styled pattern  - a Giraffe Silhouette

 The pattern measures 28x36" (72x92cm)

We haven't made an Art with Fabric quilt this year, so I'm doing this one on my own.

Anyone want to join me (Our own little quilt a long...) Im going to be starting the beginning of June.

You can find the pattern HERE 


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Friday, 24 May 2019

Bitty Blocks

It's May and time for the Bitty Block

there's a problem.....

Since the move away from Craftsy and the forced change to my shop, my pattern sales have gone way, way, way down and I have found that the FREE blocks are being grabbed up in the thousands and I'm relying on those few who buy patterns more and more, so now.....

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of my patterns and my business. 
I really appreciate you all.

The Bitty blocks are no longer going to be part of the Free patterns.
They're only $2 which is really not a lot to ask.

You can find the May Bitty Block HERE.

Have a lovely week-end!


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Friday, 17 May 2019

Working on the next issue blocks

Hello to everyone.

I've been a little quiet over the past week - I've had a lot of work to finish up with.

The new blocks for the next Magazine issue have really kept me busy.
I wanted to make easier blocks with a Nautical theme for Summer.
The Issue 22 will be out in July.

Take a look at these cute blocks. They're all 10" (26cm).
I still have to complete all their instructions before they can go out.

Have a great Week-end!