Friday, 16 August 2019

August Bitty Block

Its Bitty Block time again!!

This month we have a Retro Monkey Stuffed Animal.

The block measures 6" (16cm) and is on the intermediate level.

 The Bitty Blocks are no longer a free block BUT they only cost $2 each.

You can get your Monkey Bitty Block in my online shop. 
They are in the Bitty Block Category.

Have a lovely week end!


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Friday, 9 August 2019

New Hipster block

Hi there everyone!

We've been sitting here with no electricity for 3 days.... eventually it was put back on last night late. Some wonderful person at the municipality decided we haven't paid our account and ordered it to be cut off. 
WE HAVE A PRE-PAID METER!!! It took phoning the MP of our district to get this problem sorted out.
I wonder who's going to buy me new fruit, veg and meat that I had to throw out when the freezer defrosted??
I'm not joking, IF I had the funds, I would move to a new country!! where common sense exists!!


Anyway, I wanted to show you the pattern I was working on a while back. I finished it off this morning and it's in the shop with the other Hipster Patterns.

Meet the Hipster Pineapple
The pattern measures 14x18" (36x47cm)

Here are some of the older Hipster patterns
They can be found in the Animals >>>> Hipster Animals category of the shop.


Thursday, 1 August 2019

August Block of the Month

Hello everyone!
It's already August and time for another block of the month...

This month we are making an "Ibis"

They come in various colours, but we have the Scarlet Ibis on show here today.

These birds seem to fly around in 'gangs' of 6 to 10 and when they're all outside beside the pool making a noise, it gets pretty irritating. We call them Hadeda's and my dog takes great delight in chasing them away from HER pool. They fly up to the roof and wait for her to go back inside, then fly right back down to the pool. The cycle then continues along with the noise.

This is the block tested for us by Joan Wintersgill of Texas. Its really awesome!

This one is from Joanne Harris. Isn't it wonderful!

 This is how far we've come this year.

On each of the blocks, the letter can be left out and replaced with background fabrics.

Each block is 12" (31cm) and on the Intermediate level.

You can get your FREE for the month it's released block in my Online Shop.

Patterns are in categories, so look in the Block of the Month ...block

**** I will be sending out the Mini Quilt Swap Info to those who signed up today. Be on the look-out for your email.


Wednesday, 24 July 2019

QAD Mini Swap

Hello Everyone!

Great News! I'm hosting a
Quilt Art Designs 
Mini Swap!

It's open to anyone who can sew a paper piecing pattern and send (post ) it to someone else...

The Sign Ups are OPEN - you can send me your name and email address to:
just let me know its for the Mini Swap
Include:  What is your favourite colour? What is your favourite pattern or 3?
I also need your postal address.

The sign up is open until the end of July.
I will assign everyone a partner and email you after that.

What are the Rules?

*You must use a Quilt Art Designs pattern.

*It can only be up to 18" (This is a mini swap and we don't want to get bogged down with something too big and takes too long to sew) Look in the shop for the $4 or $5 patterns. They should be up to 18". Smaller patterns (under 12") are usually $3 or under.

*Once you have been assigned a partner, you are IN THIS THING. Don't flake out on them.

*You have until 30 September to finish your mini and post it to your partner.

* You MUST finish the mini with some FMQ, binding etc. This doesn't have to be professional. A few straight lines are also acceptable. Also include a small card to your partner.

*We will move in a circle when getting a partner - so you won't receive a mini from the person you sent it to.

*Don't use a Block of the Month pattern. Most have those, so send them something fresh.

*If you're making a really small mini (smaller than 12") then you need to send them 2 items.

*** At the end of August - I will need an UPDATE report. How far are you, what did you decide on etc. I think a photo of your work in progress should be included.

       Once you've posted your mini, you need to inform me
       Once you've received your mini, you need to inform me


*Don't make me into the Quilt Police!!    please.

I think the main thing is to have some FUN!! Once finished there is a nice surprise for everyone!

Friday, 19 July 2019


Hello everyone.

I can truly say "Thank heavens it's Friday" today.
Im taking a rest from overworking my eyes - so I'll be sitting with my feet up this week-end.

I finished this cute pattern during the week too.
It's a postcard size.
The pattern measures 6x8" (16x22cm)

You can find this Cute Cactus in the Plants category of my shop.


Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Checking in

Hello to everyone who drops by...
Thanks for your visit!

I've been so busy with commissioned patterns lately that it feels like I never get a chance to chat anymore.
Here are some of the cute patterns that have gone out to their owners. Some even made it to the shop if you're looking for them.

Have a lovely day!


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