Monday, 18 March 2019

Week 2 Sewing Quilt A Long

Hello everyone

Another week of the "Sewing Quilt A Long"

I've seen a few on FB that are finished already. Wonderful!! Post your photos - we love to see what you're up to.

My own mini is about half way now.

We're having a really hard time with all this 'electicity's on, no, now its off, yaay back on, no, its off' business. It goes off twice a day for around 3 to 4 hours at a time. It's really working on my last nerve. I have to do everything double time to get things done, or sit and wait and catch up on all the housework etc.

I've also laid out the next piece that I need to do, so as soon as I find a little time this week, I'm hoping to get to it.

I hope you all have a great week!!

** If you would like to join in the fun, then YAAAY! 
You can find the patterns (you can choose whichever one you like) in the shop 
under the GIRLS category.


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Monday, 11 March 2019

Week 1 Sewing QaL

Hello to everyone joining in for the Sewing Quilt A Long

March still has another 3 weeks, so I'm thinking that it should take me about that long to sew this up. Once I've moved I want to hang this mini quilt on the door or the wall.
I finally decided to make the Sewing Studio mini. A girl can dream....

So, let's get started!!

First things first..... we need to cut out all the pieces of the pattern and then put them into alphabetical order. Believe me, it helps.

Then, those pieces of our puzzle that were separated by the software and given a 'glue edge number'. Those pieces need to be joined. I like to use tape - preferably some kind of paper based tape like washi tape because it doesn't melt and stick under my iron, but you can glue yours if you think it's better..... not a problem.

This is how I stick mine together. I will cut off one of the corresponding number tabs and then stick it up over the tab that is then under it.
I used adhesive tape on these so that you could see what I was doing.

Either you need to cut off the smallest bit of the black line and stick it up onto the other line so that you don't get a line in the join, because its not a sewing line, or you can just make a little squiggle with a pen to remind yourself that its not going to be sewn on that line.

I like to then put a section of the pattern onto my desk so that I can see how I'm going to sew them together once that piece has been made. I just gives me a better visual idea of what I'm doing.
I've also worked out how many I will be doing each day to stretch it out over 1 week. So, no pressure, Im only doing 2 or 3 pieces each day.

By now you've probably thought about what fabrics you'll be going with. I tried adding my pattern to EQ8 to see the different fabrics, but the image you get out of it doesn't really help me very much.

I did decide that I preferred to use one colour fabric on the "sewing" part and not multi-colour.

You do you.... however you want to make your mini, in whatever colour is fine.

Over the weekend I made the "G" part of the sewing letter.

Now its up to you to get yourself sorted out and start on your mini.
Please share your photos on the FB group (all links below) or even on Instagram. 
The tag is #qadesigns  Thanks

** If you would like to join in the fun, then YAAAY! 
You can find the patterns (you can choose whichever one you like) in the shop 
under the GIRLS category.


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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Quilt A Long Choices

Hello Everyone!

Our "Sewing" QaL starts on the 11 March 2019 until...... when we're finished...

I've decided to finish up all 4 of the sewing patterns. They measure 24x14" and the Mends the Soul is 24x24". You can decide youself which you would like to make for your sewing room or space.

Please join in the fun and post your photos of your progress to our FB group. I love to see everyone's blocks and work - I find it really encouraging too.

You can find the patterns in the "Girls" category in the shop. There's also other sewing things in there too.

Im going to the Hobby Expo in Johannesburg today. We've (me and my daughter) been looking forward to going and hope to see interesting new things.


Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Quick Quilt A Long

Hello everyone!

I have good news..... I found a lovely new place to live.... YAAAY! I will have to move the end of April. So there's enough time to do a HUGE cull of everything....and then pack the rest...not the greatest job, but I cannot live in this current house any more! Too many things broken and old and the owner will not fix them. Too much getting on my last nerves.

Anyway, enough of all that!!
I want to get back to doing some sewing, some designing.... the good stuff!

I looked into all my patterns for a quick Quilt A Long, but a lot are a long term project or just not what Im feeling right now.
Soooooo, I made these 2 options... They are both 24x14" (62x37cm) and are a lot easier than they look. They aren't in the shop yet.

I couldn't decide which one we should make...
I think we should take a poll and then the winning one will be our QAL.
Leave your answer in the comments....


Friday, 1 March 2019

March Block of the Month

Hi there everyone!
It's already March and time for the next Block of the Month!

Today on the Amazing and Odd Animal Alphabet we have a Capybara...

Native to South America, this huge rodent is a water loving softie.
I've seen them at the zoo here in Pretoria and they look as if you could have one as a pet.

Although... I think Pepsi would not be too keen...

 The block measures 12" (31cm) and is really not that difficult.
You can choose to add the alphabet to the block or not - your choice.

These blocks were tested by 2 great ladies. Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it.

This is the block by Joanne Harris. 

This is the block by Joan Wintersgill.

You can get your free for March block from the new shop (URL below). 
I hope you all have fun sewing this cute block.

Have a great week-end!


Wednesday, 27 February 2019

WiP Wednesday

Hello to everyone!

Well, its already the end of February... not sure if its just me, but the days are too short!
I haven't found a house yet.... because they're all just so ..... well, RUBBISH!

I can't believe what is out there. Is it the cost of having to update your house or just living costs in general prevented people from looking after the roof over their heads...
Its scarey! and then you have to deal with the agents who tell you 'harmonious stories' - otherwise known as LIES!!
If I say I need 4 bedrooms, then don't show me a 3 bedroom and say one can sleep in the study. I need the study as a study, so must one of my sons sleep in the passage?? Such craziness!!
I've decided to leave it alone for a week or so to win back my sanity.

I've finished designing the Spring magazine patterns.
They're all "Paper Flowers" - something like origami folded flowers and crepe paper flowers.

Issue 21 will be available in April.

I always have to design a lot more than I really need to choose those that I like the most.
I originally had a few animals and birds in there too, but then went with the flowers.

I'll add these to my shop ( look in Animals ..... Paper Animals ) and I'll also make a few more.

Have a great Day!


Friday, 22 February 2019

Bitty Block February

Hello everyone

Its been a very busy and hectic month for me so far.
I've been looking for a new house to move to and I've had to go and look at these places. OH GOOD HEAVENS!! Such horrible duds! and so expensive! I'll just have to keep looking.

Our February Bitty Block has been really late this month.
Our cute Kitty pattern measures 5" (14cm)

You can download your block at the new shop. You will find it in the Bitty Block category.

Have a good week-end!


Friday, 8 February 2019

Its Friday - already....

Hello everyone

I can't believe that it's Friday already. I know I've been busy with new patterns etc. but this feels ridiculous... the days are so short.

Recently I decided to upgrade my EQ7 to an 8....
Was feeling excited.....
Hmmm  now Im not sure...

where are all the fabrics I used to have on 7?? why do I have to buy them as extras to add to my software.....

I made an easy pattern, but the image you print to show the block is in my opinion rather 'meh' and you can't change it or improve it.

You still don't get the fabric chart for paper piecing which makes me a little crazy. The pattern pieces are now 'coloured in' - sort of similar to the picture of the block.

 I made the block (6inch - 16cm) and its pretty straight forward. I used about a 4" strip for the background and scraps for the rest.

Give it a try and let me know.
Download HERE....

Have a good week-end!


Wednesday, 6 February 2019

What are you working on?

Hello there...

I've been busy with a few new patterns for the shop.

This is Cat-ctus
The pattern is 10" (26cm)

Hipster Cat #2
Pattern is 14" (36cm)

For Valentine we have

A Cactus Family
Pattern is 16" (42cm)

A Valentine heart
pattern is 18" (47cm)

This one I'm still writing up the instructions
Pattern measures 40" (102cm)

All the patterns will be added to my shop.


Friday, 1 February 2019

February BOM

Hello everyone

Today we've moved on from the 10 weeks of January...

Its Block of the Month time again
and today we have another in our
Amazing and Odd Animals Alphabet.

Today we have a Bandicoot.

They're found in eastern Australia, from north Queensland along the east coast to Victoria. Around 40 centimeters (16 in) long, it is sandy- or grey-brown with a long snout nose. Omnivorous, it forages for invertebrates, fungi and plants at night.

here's a look at the real thing....

Our block was tested by Joan Wintersgill and Joanne Harris. Thanks so much!

Thanks to both of you! I love them both. They're so unusually cute!!

Now you can give it a go! The block measures 12" (31cm) and is on the easy intermediate level.
You can find the block in the Block of the Month >>> block category.

I hope you enjoy sewing up this little guy!

Have a great week-end!