Friday, 17 May 2019

Working on the next issue blocks

Hello to everyone.

I've been a little quiet over the past week - I've had a lot of work to finish up with.

The new blocks for the next Magazine issue have really kept me busy.
I wanted to make easier blocks with a Nautical theme for Summer.
The Issue 22 will be out in July.

Take a look at these cute blocks. They're all 10" (26cm).
I still have to complete all their instructions before they can go out.

Have a great Week-end!


Friday, 3 May 2019

'Tis Friday...

Hello everyone!

Thank Heavens its Friday.
Its been a very busy and hard week for us here with all the unpacking of the boxes.
Such a thankless job...

I've been busy with commissioned patterns but I wanted to show this 
cute Wooden Puzzle pattern I finished up as well.

The pattern measures 24" (62cm) and is on the Easy Intermediate level.

The pattern is found in my shop in the Geometric category.

Thanks for all your support and encouragement!!

I'm planning to have a rest this week-end!
Hope you enjoy yours too!


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Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Block of the Month - May

Hello to everyone joining me for the next Block of the Month

This month we have 2 blocks in our Amazing and Odd Animals
I've broken up the 26 blocks over 2 years which means 13 blocks a year.

For May we have the E and F blocks

The E stands for Echidna. 
The block measures 12" (31cm) which makes it really difficult to add any real details. 

These cute creatures look something like large Hedgehogs but are more 'Spiny Anteaters'. They live in Australia and New Guinnea. They are egg laying mammals......Really Odd!!

Look at these males forming a 'train'.  So unusual.
I think they're off to see the wizard...

Here's a close up. They're just the right kind of 'odd' we're looking for in this BoM.

Our block was sewn up by Joan Wintersgill. 
After I saw that even Joan had a hard time with the block, I made it a little easier by removing some of the spines off the back and removing the hill it was walking on.

F is for Flamingo

The next block needed to be something a lot easier and I decided on a Flamingo.

Although known, it still is an Odd ball animal.
I was watching a documentary and they were part of it. They are really weird birds.

The block measures 12" (31cm)

This was the block sewn up for me by Joan Wintersgill.
LOVE it!!

Thanks Joan. You are awesome!

This Flamingo was sewn up for me by Joanne Harris.

Love the background fabric!
Thanks so much!

Both blocks can be found in my New Online Shop. 
Look in the Block of the Month >> blocks category.

Have a great day!


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Monday, 29 April 2019

post Move saga...

Hi there everyone!

We've moved! It was a mini horror story, but that's for another day...
We all have our furniture and are trying our best to get back to 'normal'.
So, in short - I'm happy, Jesus is King and the new house is 100 times better than the old one.

I wanted to show you all the City Houses String Quilt.
The pattern measures 40" (102cm) and is Super Easy Level. Great for scraps and bits you can't use anywhere else but can't throw them out.
It can be found in the String Quilts Category of the shop.

I'll be unpacking for a while still and then I have an arm length of commissions to get started on.

I hope you all have a great Monday!


Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Rabbit Week - Part 2

Hi there everyone!

Wow, a little late today. I forgot my daughter was coming over this morning and we had to sort out her old room and pack the things she still wants, make piles of donate and throw out - so that took all morning. Done now, so that's another one to mark off on the huge list of "to do's".

Don't let anyone tell you moving is fun or exciting or anything enjoyable. It isn't!!!
The amount of throw out has grown considerably and the donate it pile too. Only thing is now to decide where to take it all.

Today we go on with Rabbit Week....

I've made 2 other Retro Rabbits (both are 10" - 26cm) and they're both really easy intermediate level.

This one was running so fast you couldn't even get a decent photo pose.

Very retro....

All patterns are available in my shop under the Animals>>>Farm animals category.

This cutie has had his tail manicured so he's showing it off a little.

This Cute Rabbits pattern is actually an old one that I re-worked and made a little 'better'. It measures 12" (31cm) and is also really a easy-ish intermediate level pattern.

I'm going to be house sitting and looking after my fur-grands for the long week-end. 
I'll be back by Tuesday.

Have a wonderful Resurrection Week-End!!


Monday, 15 April 2019

Rabbit Week...

Hi there everyone!

It's Rabbit Week here on the Blog
 and I'll be showing a few new patterns with a whole lot of fluffs

First up we have our
Hipster Rabbit Private Investigator

This one measures 14" (36cm) and is super duper cute!!

This one is part of the Hipster Animals category.

Second up we have the Retro Rabbits 

These cute silhouette styled patterns are 10" (26cm) and really easy to sew up.
They can be found in the Farm Animals Category.

I still have another 2 Retro Rabbits to finish up. I'm saving those for Wednesday.

The Rabbits at the Fence is also in my shop
They're in the Farm Animals category too.
This one is much larger at 40x60" (102x153cm)


Friday, 12 April 2019

Cute Hen block

Hello everyone!

The whole moving and finding a house has been finalized and we're moving on the 25th April.
I'll be packing my office and 'sewing studio' up on 23rd so I'll be working off my iPad until I can get it all up and running before the end of April.

Hold thumbs etc. that everything will be smooth sailing...

I made a cute Hen and chicks pattern while I was finishing off the Rabbits and Puzzle quilt - can't call it Tetris - the name is a registered trademark. ooops!

The Hen and Chicks block is 16" (42cm) and is on the Intermediate level. It will be in my shop under the Animals >> Farm Animals category.

Have a great Week-end!


Wednesday, 10 April 2019

WiP Wednesdays

Hello everyone!

Well, we seem to have found a house and everything seems fine. Not a fancy place, but big enough is I'm guessing - close enough.

I was busy designing a few new larger quilts

This one is exactly what it looks like -
A game of Tetris...

The pattern measures 42x63" (108x162cm)
Large size but VERY easy!!

This one should also be super quick to make.

It's in the shop under the Geometric category.

This cutie is -  Rabbits at the Fence

The pattern measures 40x60" (102x153cm)
and this one is more Intermediate level.

I'll finish up this one's instructions and then add it to the shop under the Animals >> Other

Have a great day!


Monday, 8 April 2019

March and April Bitty Blocks

Hello everyone!

Today we're talking Bitty Blocks
These poor mini blocks have had to wait in the corner while I sorted out so much ... over the past weeks.
Shame, they're really patient and today we catch up to where we're supposed to be.

The block for March is a Kokeshi Doll.
Its a small wooden Japanese doll.
Very cute in her kimono.

The block measures 5" (14cm) and is on the intermediate level.

The block for April is Chicks and also measures 5" (14cm).      Two newly hatched chicks 

Both of these will be FREE for April
You can find them in my Online Shop.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, 3 April 2019

WiP Wednesday

Hello to everyone
Glad you're joining me today

News on the electricity front - we've actually had un-interupted electricity for more than a week now....hmmm..... then I read in the newspaper that a bank in London sent Eskom (our electricity supplier) a HUGE cheque to 'help them out' -  so...... it turns out that it was a PLOY to beg for money from foreign banks.  Typical!!!! such blatant corruption!!!

Now for more bad news - the people who were renting their house have still not signed the contract - and this after we've sent the deposit to the agents etc.... The agent let us know and cancelled everything and thank heavens sent out money back to us.  Now we start all over again....

I was talking to someone at church about this and they said that it could be a 'good thing' because there could have been problems with the house, the owners, the agents further down the road and we've missed all that. So, that's what Im also going with. It was a 'way out' of a potential problem.

Now for the sewing portion of our day....

I've managed to only sew 2 letters on the second part of my mini quilt.

I changed the i on mine to have a small heart over the top.

I keep having to 'pep talk' myself into doing another piece of the pattern. I should be done by the week-end, but who knows, I could be finished by the end of April by the looks of things.

Have a great day!


Monday, 1 April 2019

April - Block of the Month

Hello everyone

It's already April and now it's time for another of our Amazing and odd animal blocks.
This month we have a Duiker or a Blue Duiker.

The coat is a grey blue colour on these tiny timid creatures. They have small pointed horns that I can't imagine are much use except to look cool. They have the worst over/under bite you've ever seen.

They're only around 30cm (12in) up to their shoulders in height and weigh around 4Kg. Something like a small dog. So when you've seen idiots going out and hunting these small things with huge rifles, it just breaks my heart. 

Our block is as usual 12" (31cm) and on the Intermediate level.
Our test block was sewn up by my good friend Joan Wintersgill of Texas. Isn't it gorgeous!


You can get your Free for the Month Blue Duiker in my shop

Next month we will be doing 2 blocks to be able to finish the 13 blocks for this year....

I hope you all have fun sewing this cute block.

Today is also the release of the New Issue of Paper Piecing 1/4" Dig. Magazine
You must check this one out! 
Fantastic Spring Flowers for you to sew.

Issue 21 is also in the shop.

Have a great day!