Monday 1 April 2024

April news!

Hello Everyone!
Today we have loads of goodies to discuss

Let's start with the Block of the Month for April
Cute Cat #4

Pattern measures 16" and is on the Super Cute level!


Next up on our lineup we have the 
Issue 41 of our Digital Paper Piecing Magazine

14 Cute Sealife creatures to sew

Each pattern measures 10" with the center block at 20"
I've also decided to add the block of the Whale that I previously removed from the lineup.


next up
Houses! Houses! Houses!

The Houses from Around the World has started!

House #1
I'm looking to make something more 'traditional' from each country we visit
Today we've stopped over China

Each house measures 10" (26cm) and is available each Monday for $1.
Once the new block arrives the old one will be $3.
You can join the email list and pay for all upfront and I send you the blocks each week ($36).


Next up our
Modern City Sew a Long blocks

This is block #12

I've joined blocks 11 and 12 together as well.

You will find all your blocks in my Online Shop. 


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