Thursday, 8 August 2013


Today I spotted some Blouapies (blue monkeys or Vervets).
They play in the bush and in the trees just like children. They are such fun to watch, but can be so destructive. These monkeys are very social and sit and groom each other for hours.

This pattern has very few pieces that join together and makes a great addition to our African Safari Theme.
I think I'm going to look out for the Rhino's next.....

I also made an abstract pattern of the African Bush during a thunder storm. The colours always facinate me when it rains. Everything seems to become much more pronounced and almost surreal in the skies. The red earth and the dark blue-grey sky seem to really try to compete with each other.

All the patterns can be downloaded from my Craftsy shop and can also be seen on the PP Pattern page and the Free page. 


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