Friday, 30 August 2013

Ka-Bloom Theme

Yesterday, I spent having fun. I made a Sunflower.

The pattern is a 12" block (30cm) and really went down without a hitch.

 The start - the first piece done.

1/4 of the way there
The pieces really fit together easily.
 This is halfway
 3/4 Done
almost there!
 This is the block - Sunflower
without its centre.
The middle came together very easily and lay down all rotating in one direction. No having to connect loads of tiny little points.

 This is with the centre done.
I attached this with a decorative stich on the machine,
and Taa-Daa!

It's all done - a lot easier than what I thought it was going to be.

close up of the middle without the last centre piece
Brown segments are all swirling around the centre.

This is with the centre on.

This pattern will be available on Craftsy as a 12" (30cm) block and also as a 6" (16cm) block.

Have fun making this one.

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