Saturday, 24 August 2013

Old and New

Today we have 2 lovely patterns (more traditional) and yet can also be paper pieced for accuracy.

The first is the autumn - Leaves

This leaf pattern measures approx. 8" and includes both the paper pieced templates and the traditional cutting methods.
These leaves can be made into any colour and directioned any which way you choose.

The second in our lineup is - Arrows

I just love this pattern. It has a lovely modern quilting feel to it. It can also be used in a quilt for a young boy or teen. (I'm thinking now just not in this cute pink.)

This block measures 10" (25 cm) and can also be paper pieced or made the traditional quilting way. The pattern includes a small arrow of 5" (12.5cm) that can be used to make corners or fillers and the nice thing is that these can also be directioned wherever you choose.

Both found on the "Traditional Page"

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