Thursday, 15 August 2013

Shiny new Star

This cute 6" block is our fourth in a series called Stars & Snow.
I call this one Sparkler.

It has the look of a windmill also. The star quilt block instructions includes easy-to-follow templates that will allow you to form your beautiful little paper piecing pattern or could be photostated larger to make a star in any size. It looks complicated, but you'll never find yourself getting lost.
Soon, you'll have a shiny new star quilt block that's ready to add some star power to your next quilt pattern.

You can use just about any color with these individual quilt blocks, and the convenient paper piecing pattern ensures that you'll be successful in creating a clean result every time. No star quilt can hope to shine like one with this quilt block!  Make a ton of them for a geometric quilt, or use it to depict a star in a Christmas quilt.

This lovely little block is a FREE pattern download.

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