Saturday, 28 September 2013

E-Book Drive

Books, Books, Books!!!

Today is all about E-Books, and a Drive for CHARITY!

This lovely 16 Festive Season Patterns is available at Craftsy. Grab yours today.

The price is a steal because the individual blocks would all make up around $45. The E-Book is only going for $15. What a fantastic bargain.

My Animal Safari Books 1 & 2 (10 patterns in each + 2 Freebie patterns) are on sale on Amazon. They are both going for only $7 each. Even less than buying one ($15) at Craftsy. This sale will end soon and they will be going back to their normal price.

Animal Safari Paper Piecing Designs and Patterns (Book 1: Big Five Animals) [Kindle Edition]

Animal Safari Paper Piecing Designs and Patterns Book 2 [Kindle Edition]

These other E-Books are also available at   Craftsy -

Halloween (10 patterns + 1 Freebie)

Sea Life 1 (10 Patterns)

20 Easy Star Patterns

Please support the E-Book Drive. Money made on the books until the end of October will go to Charity - Breast Cancer Awareness.

Thank you

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