Friday, 4 October 2013

Force to be seen

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is such an important "issue" to women everywhere and I've decided to make something to encourage others who are facing it or who have had to face it - be it yourself or a loved one.

This block is called "Force" because it symbolizes hands coming together and becoming a force something like a hurricane.

This little block is only 4" (10cm) big, an is really easy. Only one single piece. When it is put together into a 9x9 mini quilt (12" - 30cm) it becomes a force on its own.

Because it can make such a lovely block - even a large-ish mug rug or placemat I've decided to do things a little differently with this one.

This is going to be a Free pattern - with a twist. The block will be a 'Block Swap'.

E-Mail me your name and email address and I will send you the PDF with instructions and a name of another quilter who is also part of the swap. You will then make the mini quilt (Finished!!) and send it to your new friend.

You can make the 9x9 block and make it into a placemat or bedside table mat OR you can make the 3x2 rectangle that could be a nice mug rug.
Use your creativity.  The block you send someone must be finished.

This block is easy enough for a beginner who has a basic understanding of paper piecing.

Please participate only if you can see this project through.
Thank you

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Thank you

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