Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Little Foxes

I think I found something to get into and do a whole bunch of them -
 Cute Little Foxes

This block is 10" (25cm) and is more Intermediate level.

My daughter has been nagging me for a while to make her a cushion with a fox on it and so here is my effort - well half of it anyway, now I have to still make the cushion.
These little animals just look so adorable - sort of a dog and cat mixed together.

Now that Halloween is upon us let me remind you of my cute E-Book patterns - 10 adorable Paper Pieced patterns that could make really cool trick or treat bags. I'm busy making Pumpkin mugrugs to give away, so time is precious at the moment.


All on my Craftsy Shop.

Craftsy is giving away these cute tags to add to your gifts.


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Lorna McMahon said...

What an adorable little fox! Your talent is just amazing!