Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ye Olde Garden

I was looking at a documentary on gardens (actually it was very interesting) and I just LOVE the formal style with little hedges and laid out flower-beds, but sigh, its not going to happen here ...

Hubby's not into any of this. These lovely gardens are in England. Looks like you could just spend hours wandering around.

Here is about as close to a formal garden I'll get.

This little garden block is 10" (25cm) and really easy to put together.

Paper Pieced?? But of course.....

This is what it could look like in a small garden - I mean quilt form. Really pretty.

The pink and yellow areas that represent flowers could be made really scrappy. Will still be lovely.

The pattern is in my Craftsy Shop.

Now, for some interesting NEWS!!!

I want to start a link-up for all crafty items and for anyone to join.
Now I know this is not Sparta, but "This Is Tuesday!!"
Starting December, each Tuesday will be a throw down of what-ever you're busy with.
I think I'll even throw in a give-away now and then.

Diarise this date somewhere and Please join in the fun!


Sewing Mom said...

What a pretty garden...that will be a lovely block!

Gemma@prettybobbins said...

Lovely design. Thanks for linking up!