Monday, 9 December 2013

HST Heaven

After a week-end of taking a break from sewing, I was dying to try something a little more traditional but that wouldn't drive me crazy. I saw so many quilt pics on Pinterest, I think I had a bit of an overload. Soooo many amazing quilts and ideas.

I've finally settled on HST as the basis. Just look at the possibilities - totally endless.

There were so many colour combinations too - WOW, people are so creative -

These blocks are just amazing, and this one with the red fading into blue (it's called 'where lava meets the sea by Sew into it) is totally genius.

The monotone was featured in Stitchin' Times magazine. So beautiful.

The star is just as awesome by Sew Katie Did, and I love the chevron pattern too by Lucie the Happy Quilter.

Now you see my dilema - which way to go.

The on point blocks that are off centre are also beautiful. This was done by Sew Serena.

Totally love those fabric choices. The quilting is kept simple because it shouldn't distract the eye from the overall pattern - simply amazing.

Now the problem is what to choose???

I think I'm going to make a load of multicoloured HST and then play around with the patterns.

This is Random hst by A cuppa and a catchup.

Just love it. Blues and greens are always a winner to me.

I'm off to rummage through the fabrics I have and see which will make the cut.
Have a good Monday...


Hilary said...

I love HST but I hate trimming them lol

Anonymous said...

How fun. I've been thinking along those same lines, but now you've done all the work of research for me. =)