Saturday, 1 February 2014

February PP BoM Pattern

Can you believe it? It's already February.....
This year is already in a hurry...

For all those excited Paper Piecing Enthusiasts ..... Here is our next installment of "In the Garden" Block of the Month.

First up - The Humming bird

This cute little block is on a Easy Level and does not have a ton of tiny pieces.

 I cut out my pattern pieces, laid them out to get a visual idea of what I need to do, then I wrote onto the pieces which colour I was going to need to use (Segment A, #1=Beige, #2=Darker Beige and so on) This was so that I could not get confused later.

I sew up and make each segment finished first and then I start sewing them together according to the instruction sheet (to see if I told you to do it right) and this was the end result.....

 This little bird is so cute. The block is 12" (30cm)
 Do not forget that in paper piecing you get a mirrored effect - that's why he faces the opposite way in the end.

 Second block - The Hibiscus flower
 (we need to make 2 blocks this month because we need to be finished with them by September, so now and in July we will be doing a little extra work)

For the flower I used batik fabrics to get a  variagated look on the petals. Again I make all my segments first and then start putting them together. It sometimes feels like I'm making a puzzle and can only see the picture when I'm done. This block is also 12" (30cm) and on the Easy Level.

Here are both of my blocks for February. As you can see I'm using the same fabric for all my blocks' backgrounds.

 I really need to work on putting up a 'design wall' - a place where you can leave the blocks up and get a visual of what you're doing and can arrange them.
The photos I take are with my iPhone, so sorry about the quality. Only camera I have. I think when the design wall is up, I will take some new photos. Some of the photos I have make it seem that I work in the dark and the flash just - well, what can I say..... LOL!

I will be putting up NEW LINKS to each block from now on - some of you have mentioned that you can't find them - sorry about that - I didn't even think of that, so nice advice. Thanks.

Links will be in the PP BoM Page at the top of the blog that will take you directly to the blocks in my Craftsy shop or you can just click the link that you see on any of the posts -  Craftsy and you will go to the shop in general. 

There will also be a "Link-Up" for your finished blocks  on the PP BoM Page (top of blog).

Also .......   Please add your new photos to the Flickr group. Button on right side bar.

Hope You have lots of FUN!


Grit said...

Wow Janeen, your PP looks so fantastic. It is amazing.

Vera said...

Great to see those blocks in fabrics. Both look fab!

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Oh I love hummingbirds!!! Thanks for another set of FAB blocks!

Kathy said...

Love that little hummingbird! Your mention about how it feels like you're making a puzzle . . . that must be why I like paper piecing because I love jigsaw puzzles!
Would you advise keeping with the same background fabric? I ordered some fabric I want to use as background but if I run out, would it look okay to switch to a different fabric?

Soma Acharya said...

They look fabulous!!


Lorna McMahon said...

I think these two are my favorite blocks so far! I love that little hummingbird and all his details. And what's a hummingbird without a beautiful flower? Thanks for sharing these wonderful designs!

Renee said...

oh those turned out awesome!

A Quilter's Mission said...

Here from Bee Social! WOW...your work is amazing.

Valerie Reynolds said...

I love the hummingbird with trees!!! LOVE IT!