Monday, 24 February 2014

Modern Houses

Wow! it's the last week of February already. Time just flies when you're having fun!

This week-end I've been away from my sewing machine and done a little designing. I have 2 new projects that I need to work on and make a few patterns for the various shops I have.

When I first started sewing (in about 1993) I had almost zero clue, but logic and maths thankfully dictate that if you have a 2cm strip and sew it to a 5cm strip you should get a 6.5cm strip (hems and seams and all).

One of the first quilts that I made had a "house" block that looked something like this:

 I made 24 of these and even worked out the sashing and backing. When it came to the 'quilting' part I sat there and painstakingly 'hand quilted' the little blocks. I didn't even know about machine free motion quilting .......I'll drag it out and take a photo of it - soon.

Other house blocks have been made over the years, but they all just remind me of that first one and now I want something different and a lot more modern.

So now, (drum roll....) here we have the first of the Modern House Blocks

This is a 14" (36cm) block and is on the Intermediate level.
Block is available in my Craftsy shop.

I'll be 'showing' the Modern Houses one at a time so that each one will have their turn in the spotlight.

Instruction files for the Art Quilt were sent out today and I hope all of you enjoy the process of thinking what colour you would like to use and search for just the right fabrics.

Info can be found on the Art Quilt Page on the blog.

Have a great Monday!

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Paula@TheSassyQuilter said...

How cool! Very modern and looks like a lot of work:) Worth it though.