Thursday, 13 February 2014

Quilt Quizz......

Today we're just having a little fun..... NO sewing today. I'm finishing up with the instructions on my Art Quilt, so .....

Take a look at this..

What makes a quilter a quilter?
We are each unique and do things differently and in our own way, but we all share one thing - what is it?

How many of these signs apply to you?

1. You always have threads or fabric scraps on you?
2. You pay more attention to the curtain fabric and the bedding than the action in a romantic movie scene?
3. Your neighbour is excited to show you her new kitchen, you want to show your new sewing machine table extension?
4. To you parchment paper is not a baking supply?
5. You have more fabric than clothing?
6. You must touch fabric?
7. You step over the laundry to wash the fabric first?
8. You keep every scrap and thread, because you might just need it for something, somewhere?
9. You know the difference between a fabric scissors and a paper scissors, and woe to anyone who uses yours?
10. When someone says you have great 'fat quarters' you say THANKS!
11. You know what a UFO is?
12. No matter where you go, you see quilt pattern opportunities?
13. You plan your vacation around the quilt shops in the area?
14. You live by the phrase "One can never have too much fabric"?

We all share our LOVE of fabrics.....

Go on, you can stroke them, it's okay!

Thank you to all who are interested in joining our Art Quilt Q-a-Long. Some of you are non-reply bloggers, so I can't get hold of you if you only left a comment.

Please send me an e-mail if you want in


More info on the Q-a-Long on the Art Quilt Page


Vera said...

Only few signs apply to me but I don't really take myself as a quilter, lol. Anyway Janeen, do you know you also appear as no-reply when you comment?

Patchlys-Marina said...

14 of 14...YES!

Anna Stillwell said...

I am so number 2, 100% me I'm always looking at curtains and bedding, lol. I'm so glad I'm not the only one. Thanks for linking up at the Wake up Wed. blog hop. Love your post and blog and am a new follower.Hugs