Friday, 28 March 2014

All work done by Friday!

Hi Friends!

Its Friday and its the last day of the first school term. Not that it really affects me so much, I'm just glad because we live across the road from a primary school and each day I have to listen to screaming kids and the afternoons are really the worst. You can tell my kids are grown and the youngest is now in music college. I love my peace and quiet! So for a while, that's what I'll get until they return some time after their holidays.

Today is our Art Quilt Show and Tell -

This is the Week 5 pieces that you have recieved.

 There are 4 Pieces to be put together - straight foward - same as before.

I have found that the light in my sewing room is not as strong as I would like and so I put a lamp onto my desk as well and I can kick myself that I didn't do it sooner.
When I can't see if I have enough fabric as my seam behind the line (and holding it up to the ceiling light is not helping) I hold it now to the desk lamp (up close) and it shines right through and shows me exactly where the fabric is lined up.

Here you can see the fabric for section 8 is being held in the back and then the light will tell me if I'm all lined up okay. Works really well especially if the fabric in front of it is dark. Now not a problem. YAY!

Just a thought - use it, don't use it - up to you.

Here the top 3 pieces have been sewn together.

The finished block for week 5.
This block only measures around 10" but will line up with week 4's piece.

This is week 5 and week 4 piece joined .
The pieces around the face are still loose and just patiently waiting.

Next week we will begin the 3rd row of the hair and background. The face and hair from the first column will wait for week 12 to be completed.
I have done this on purpose - there is a plan - just keep going........

This week I've also been busy with my Transport Collection Blocks. I have so many new ideas now for more cute blocks  (thanks!!) and I'm going to try use my time on the week-end to cook up a few more. All these cuties are available in my Craftsy shop and measure 12" (30cm)

Have a wonderful week-end!


Kelley said...

If I were a quilter, I would be all over those Transport Collection Blocks! Nice work. I may not be in the market to use them, but with 2 boys at home, I definitely appreciate them. :)

Vera said...

Looking good! I'm feeling sorry I'm not into the PP technique.

Linda Wulf Koenig said...

The art quilt is looking great, and I am just bowled over by the Transport Collection blocks. You are one heck of a designer!

MulticoloredPieces said...

Just stopped by from Sarah's Linky Party. That head is a knock-out--love the effects of the pieces. And the Transport quilt is just soooooo cool!
best from Tunisia,