Monday, 24 March 2014

Monday Madness...

Today has got off to a late start but ... have no fear .... we are all on track now.

Friday's winners: Randomly chosen numbers (according to your number of link-up)
First: 3;
second: 10;
third: 13; 20

I will be contacting you and letting you know about collecting your prize.
Thanks to everyone who participated and for all the birthday wishes.

I will also be sending each one that linked something a free pattern. I hope you enjoy it...

Now on to other business:
Friday's link-up made our Quilt A Long have to wait until Monday to show you what I was doing with the pattern pieces.

This week we only have 3 large pieces to put together. We won't be doing the face until week 12 of the QAL. These pieces do not get joined to any other piece this week . Just keep them safe.

I stuck my pieces up against the cupboard with press-stick. The paper is still on so I'm not ruining the fabric.
You can see her mouth and chin starting to emerge here.

I must show you my latest patterns - transportation collection - still busy with the rest.

These patterns can be found in my  Craftsy shop.


Have a good Monday!


Cheri, the Quilting Nanny said...

Inspiring the way you used the scraps and created "fabric" and the cut shapes from it. I am going to keep that in mind for future use!

Mr. Briggs said...

This is looking lovely! I am looking to try more paper piecing and don't really know where to begin. I've made a few and designed one and would like to try designing more, but I think I should try piecing some more complex designs before I delve into drafting them. Thanks for sharing.