Monday, 14 April 2014

Block back from the Tester!

What a lovely Surprise!!

I always wonder if beginners will be able to 'figure out' the paper piecing blocks that I design and if I make them too hard. The word "easy" on a pattern is so subjective and what's easy for me is not necessarily easy for anyone else.

But today, yes I have renewed hope today ......

I have a 'pattern tester' who is a complete newbie - and she amazed me with this block she made from my Transportation Collection Blocks.

This is the "Bus" block. The block measures 12" (30cm) and is really easy to put together. (I have Proof!) All the Transport blocks are available in my Craftsy  Shop.

Just look at those little kids on the bus, sooooo cute!

This is just amazing!! I LOVE IT!

Thank you very much! This is just wonderful!

We have won over another one to the paper side! LOL!

Have a good Monday....


Vera said...

Oh fun. It is always great to see the pattern in fabrics.

Kathy said...

I knew faces in the windows would be cute! Nice job!