Monday, 12 May 2014

Monday's .......

This week-end I spent my time trying to get a few things finished but I kept having to stop with those and do some of these, and stop with these and do some of that. 
Today I'm feeling really tired, and my back is crazy sore .....

BUT at least I managed to finish my "face section" of the Art Quilt I've been busy with for the past 12 weeks.

One block a week sounds sooooo easy..... but, it had to find time between everything else.

 I'm so glad its finished now, but I can only show everyone the whole thing on Friday.... (suspense building)

I'm working on the e-Book for this pattern and it's almost there, so it will be on Craftsy really soon.

 This is what I was also working on over the week-end.

 I wanted to make one of the blocks in a very easy simple baby-quilt or even a lap quilt a little fancier than the rest, so I remember that Vera from Negligent Style made a woven block earlier this year and I wanted to give it a try.  Thanks for the idea Vera. ;)

This picture of a leaf and the reflection on the water is sooooo amazing so I'm using this as my colour inspiration.

 I cut a whole bunch of 1" strips and then sewed them in half lengthwise to get strips for the woven piece.

All these little strips had to be turned 'inside out' and believe me it sounds easy..... my hands were so sore from all the tugging.

Then these little ....'s wouldn't sit still, so eventually I just sewed them down onto a backing fabric and worked from there.

I wove a darker colour between to get a good contrast in the block.
Then I had no clue how to make them all STAY in place - and shouting at them didn't help..... Eventually I just sewed all around the edges.
Now my little block is about 5" and can be a focus point in the quilt.

Now I need to find the other colours in my photo and I can start the next 'madness' project.

Have a good Monday


2ne said...

Love your paper piecing :-)

Vera said...

Yay Janeen! I can't imagine to turn all those tiny strips. I had them folded only but yours won't fray for sure.

Lixie said...

Usually you use iron on interfacing as your backing fabric with the shiny side face up. Then you simply iron it once you're happy and the strips all stay put!

Sally Hurley said...

I love watching the progress on your art quilt. It's so amazing.

madebymeinred said...

Amazing how it has come together. Perfect.