Thursday, 15 May 2014

Pixel Quilt

I'm making a modern design quilt for my daughter. It's a lap quilt that she wants for keeping her legs warm as she works at her desk. The days are getting colder now.

This was my inspiration photo:

This year's colour of the year is this bright pink, so I'm going a little brights crazy.

This woven block will be one of the smaller focus points in the overall big picture. I also have a larger one, so I'll see what I need to do when it gets to that point.

This is the design that I've made -  it looks like a real close-up of pixels in a photo.

If you squint your eyes you will see the top inspiration photo in my design.
No, you really have to squint your eyes......


I've even found the correct colours of fabrics:

 I'll probably do it over the week-end.

Have a good Thursday!


Vera said...

Cool. Have fun! I like pixelated quilts but haven't got into stage of sewing 1" squares. This looks like good alternative.

Janine said...

It's going to be lovely :)

Jeneta said...

Haha - you're so funny! I like it.