Friday, 25 July 2014

First Birthday Bash!

 Whoo Hoo! Today is Quilt Art Designs First Birthday!!

This week-end we will be Celebrating! and having a Giveaway!
First of all - a riddle -
You hear it speak, for it has a hard tongue. But it cannot breathe, for it has not a lung.
What is it?
Leave your answer as #1. Randomly picked correct answer will receive a prize...

But NOW, Lets have some Birthday Cake! 

And while you're here, lets have a glass of something fizzy!

Second Riddle -

Which creature walks on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon, and three legs in the evening?
Leave your answer as #2. Randomly picked correct answer will win a prize...

Now, back to the giveaways  ....


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Have a Great Week-End.


Catherine said...

Happy Bloggy first Birthday! Would the answer to #1 be shoe? I cannot think what #2 is at all. Thank you for the free patterns. I love the champagne glasses. I hope you are celebrating!

Rike B. said...

Happy Birthday!!! Thank for so much give-aways, too!
#1 is a bell and #2 is the human/man
Happy celebrating!
Greetings from Germany! Rike

ninifee said...

Happy Birthday :-)))
I love your patterns so much!
The answer for the first riddle: a bell.
And the answer for the second riddle: the human.
Lovely Greetings from Germany :-)))

ninifee said...

Oh, i have writing wrong...My english ist not the best....
#1. a bell
#2. a human
LG, Gudrun

Vera said...

No idea on correct answer but I want to wish you happy Bday! :)

Lisa Marie said...

Riddle #1 A bell
Riddle #2 A person

What did we do before the internet to look up all these things?

Happy Birthday to QA Designs! Love your patterns, thanks so much for the great downloads.

Belinda said...

I really didn't have a clue to the riddles. I'm not much good at them, but I so very much appreciate your free downloads!! Happy birthday!!!

Mae Long said...

Riddle 1. A bell
Riddle 2. A human being
Happy 1st Birthday. Definitely a good day as it's my Son's Birthday! Thank you for the lovely free patterns.

Charmed Life said...

Happy Birthday
!#1-a bell
#2-a human

Alexandra Jungen said...

Happy birthday
thanks so much for the wonderful free downloads
1. bell
2. human

DCM said...

Happy Happy Birthday to my favorite blogger and pattern designer!!
Riddle 1 - a Bell
Riddle 2 - Human
Let's eat cake !

Sherrye said...

Happy Birthday!!
1. bell
2. human
and thank you for all the giveaways!!!

Patricia Lane said...

well, I thought #1 was a belt buckle, but it doesn't make any noise, so I'll go w/ a bell. the second one is definitely a human: on hands and knees, then walking, then w/ a cane when old....

Janarama said...

Google is my friend.

#1 - Bell
#2 - A human

Happy Birthday! Wishing you many, many more years on the blog.

lefuntz said...

Happy Birthday! A bell and a man. are my answers. Old riddles are so much fun. My favorite, As I was going to St Ives... Thank you for the patterns!

Vicki H said...

Happy Birthday! I am not good at riddles but once I see the answers, I get it. Thanks for the patterns.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday.
#1. Bell
#2. A human

Thanks for the patterns.

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

Ach - riddles. I am not good but now that I see the answers I get them, however, shouldn't the second riddle be three legs in the afternoon (m) and two in the evening (n)? Thank you for these birtdhay patterns!!!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday Quilt Art Designs!!! Joining the party late as it's been a busy weekend. Riddle #1 is a Bell: riddle #2 is a person. Gotta love Google otherwise I and may others I suspect would be clueless!!! Thanks for the awesome free patterns this weekend love that Lobster. Thanks Janeen...looking forward to another great year following you :) Many blessings are wished for you as you mark your birthday milestone!

Janeen van Niekerk said...

Giveaway has ended... too bad, next time... JvN