Tuesday, 1 July 2014

July BOM '14

Wow! it's July...

Time for  "In the garden" Block of the Month! Yipee!

This month we have a little extra work - we have 2 blocks to make this month.
Both of the blocks are Intermediate Level but are not difficult. They are also sooooo lovely that you won't even mind doing just a little more.

First up - Tulips

This lovely block was designed a long time ago, but had to wait, wait, wait...
It's an intermediate level block but really straight forward to put together. By now our beginners should also be able to make a few more intermediate level blocks.

I decided that my tulips were not all going to be the same colour, so I made them different to the design.

I made all my sections or segments first and then just joined them together in their larger sections.

This is my finished Tulips block - 12" (30cm)  Available in my  Craftsy Shop. Free for July!

Our second block is:

Bee Eater Birds - so pretty to look at...

These birds are really colourful with their orange and green feathers.

each of the segments was put together until the large pieces could be sewn up.
This is also an Intermediate Level block.

And here is my Bee Eater Birds block - 12" (30cm)
Also available in my Craftsy  shop.  Free for July...

So far we have 9 Blocks for our Quilt - only 3 more to go.....

The quick links are on the PP BoM page Page

Please feel free to share your photos to our Flickr group photos. Thanks.

Also available from July is the:
    Issue 2 of Paper Piecing 1/4" Digital Magazine (3rd Quarter)

Issues are available as Single Issue Copies ($8) from:    www.qadpublishing.blogspot.com

This was Tuesday!

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Vera said...

Those birds are really awesome! Well done!

Belinda said...

Oh wow!! Looking forward to tackling these!!

Maryse said...

Beautiful! It looks quite complicated. I should give this a try sometimes.:)

Unknown said...

I have been looking for some paper piecing birds for my quilt, these are beautiful

Lorna McMahon said...

Sew pretty! The tulips and the birds look so pretty pieced up. And all your blocks together look like the makings of a wonderful quilt!

Rachel said...

So pretty! My favorite is the girl in the hammock. Nice work!

Renee said...

Oh those are just lovely! Beautiful job on them!

Shauna said...

so pretty, love those tulips

OSr Group said...

I really do love this.
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