Monday, 18 August 2014

Mondays....You know what I mean...

Mondays ...... Yes, this is one of them......
Enough said!

Today I'm showing the
Art Quilt QAL - week 1 block pieces

 After cutting out my pattern pieces, I laid them all out onto my work surface and then matched up the corresponding numbers.

I cut off one of the edges where it needs to be joined and then use sellotape to join them. Then the same with the middle seam joined to the corresponding number.

There are only 2 pieces in this week's block.
NOTE: the block is not square, so don't fret and think you've done something wrong.

After deciding on fabrics to use, I made each block (used a lot of pins to hold it together) and sewed them together once all was done.

Don't be scared to fold your paper pattern out of your way. Eventually it will be coming off.

Don't take off the paper back for now. 

We need to be able to line up the next few pieces, so we will need to have that seam allowance guide.
 This is my block for Week 1. Not at all very hard to put together.

Hope all of you have started to gather fabric pieces you like and make a start on your week 1 block.

Anyone else still wanting to join?   Look in the Art Quilt Page :  HERE

Now for some good news:

Winner of a pattern of their choice from my Craftsy Shop:    Jewelri

Yaaay! Let me know which one (value up to $5) and I will send it to you.

Winner of the Paper Piecing 1/4" Digi Mag :  paulaheredec@.......  
Will send it asap...

Thanks to all of you for the Amazing Support!

I must show you all my new designs:
These 2 patterns are wall hangings or great pillows for someone special...

Meet Hippo Pirate and Parrot and Hula-girl Hippo

I still can't decide if she's telling him to get off her island or come hither....

Patterns are in my Craftsy Shop

Have a Good Monday!

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1 comment:

Jess Burns said...

I'm working on it right now. It seems to me that the pattern for the top of the church is flipped upside down (when I stuck all the pattern pieces together the church ended up on the right side, but from the big pattern picture and your picture here, it seems like it is meant to be on the left side). So I was wondering if you could clarify before I decide to cut the pieces upside down because I missed something obvious!

Thanks :)