Monday, 22 September 2014

Monday's News

Mondays are for Art Quilts!

Our "Quiet Landscape" Art Quilt QAL to be precise...

This past week was really easy - which was much needed. I've got loads to do and get finished, so I'm happy to get another one checked off my list.

 The church buildings are finished now and we're starting to get to all the trees and soon the river...
You must admit, this pattern is really easy. The pieces might be large, but we haven't had it hard at all.

This is an older photo of my landscape. The grass on the river bank was getting on my nerves, so I decided to get the mower out and you can now see its all changed.

This is the time to change anything you don't like. Once you get further along and join up the top and bottom - that's it!

I hope you are all still on track??

This whole week I'll be working furiously on my Paper Piecing magazine, here's a look at the front cover so far...  subject to change...

You can always visit the site for more info:

Friday's prize winner for our Paper Piecing Party Link up?
All of you! I love your blocks!
Thanks for participating...
Let me know and I'll send you the PDF pattern of your choice (value up to $4)

That's Monday!

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Ruth said...

Love the church. Your fabrics are perfect for it!

Joy said...

My favorite part of the block is the sheep. Your style is reminiscent of a painter. So artistic.