Monday, 13 October 2014

Monday's News

I haven't posted anything on the Art Quilt QAL - "Quiet Landscape" for about 2 weeks now.

Here are some of my photos of how I caught up with all  of you still busy doing the weekly pattern piece.

I think this is where I was last. I had also just changed the grass fabric behind the sheep.

The photo makes the whole quilt look so small here, but believe me, its really large....

Here is week 7 - completing the river bank and the road.

Here I wanted to show you all something really unusual. After figuring out the puzzle that was Piece A - I found that when joining the top and bottom part there was a 'step' in the pieces. Thank heavens it was repeated on the top piece as well and still fitted together really well.

One thing must be noted. I only do the design. The software produces the pattern to the size. Ive never had problems with the patterns, this was just really unusual.....

This is the river section - week 8 all done.

Here is week 9 and now the river banks are finished.

The bottom half is now completed and now we work on the trees. In 3 weeks all is done and dusted!!

This is my Art Quilt's bottom half. Not looking too bad. I'm also starting to think of what type of free motion quilting I want to use on the river and on the grass.

That's Monday....

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Thanks to everyone who posted something for our Paper Piecing Party...... 
Link 5 will be getting a free pattern. 

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Maartje Quilt said...

It is going to beautiful. Interesting to see how you work and the art quilt grows. I will come back to see your progress and to see your art when it is finished.
Love from Amsterdam

Julia Nyanyo said...

Wow, this is just lovely, I can't wait to see the finished item!