Monday, 24 November 2014

Monday News!

Wow! Already the last week of November. 
I really need to get going.... so many things to do....

This past week-end we sat here in the rain....without electricity! Thanks for nothing Eskom! Literally.

It is so surprising how our lives are so dependent on having electricity and how much of the technology we take for granted just sits there and stares at you. Useless!
A lot of people have small generators but we thankfully have a lot of gas camping equipment (not that we camp!) so we can help ourselves up to a point.

Eventually boredom just gets too much. My daughter and I sat and made felt dolls. So cute!

I also had time to sit and sew my handbag frame....

I already had the body all finished. So quick - 3 layers - the outside fabric, thin batting, and the inside fabric. Outside and batting sewn together as a little bag, lining sewn as a bag. Lining over the whole of the outside of the 'outside'. Sew top closed (small opening for turning) and pull all through the opening, push the lining back down into the outside of the bag. Finished.
Then comes the frame part. There is a little groove and the sewn top of the bag fits into that groove and you hand sew it on.

Thanks to everyone who linked up something for our Friday paper party! Thank you for hanging in there with  me. 

This week's winner is Irene Grimes (link 7) - your QAL landscape is coming along really nicely. I also have the last corner to finish on mine. I really need to get MOVING!!
Let me know which pattern you would like...

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Kathleen said...

I love that bag! You make it sound so easy.