Saturday, 13 December 2014

Day #7 of Giveaways!

Today is a Double Giveaway - of sorts...

It's Day #7 of our Festive Season Giveaway!

Good for you - all those still following along...
stats are telling me some are falling by the wayside...
Come on ladies, this is Paper Piecing (Sparta!)

Our pattern today is Santa's Reindeer - Both of them!  
you can turn it into however many you'd like...
For the wall hanging, I just included one Reindeer.

These cute Reindeer are 6" and not very complicated. The only difference is where they have their harness. The front runner (Rudolph - I'm told) has no extra lines extending out from the front and the others do have the extra piece which connects them all.

These cute blocks were made by Jewel Shepherd. I just love them both! The cute snowflake fabric just makes them so festive. Great Job!!

I hope you enjoy these patterns

Patterns now in my Craftsy Shop.

* You can all still add your finished blocks to our Day #5 Link-Up - Thanx!


You could also post your photos to our Flickr group.

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Vicki H said...

Cute reindeer! Thanks.

legato1958 said...

These reindeer are super cute! Thanks so much, Janeen!