Monday, 1 December 2014

Festive Fun

'Tis the Season..... Already! WOW! this year has had wings.

This past week-end I've had people helping me with pattern testing - 
Thank You very much! I really appreciate it more than you all know.
Each week-end we sit without electricity and this past one was no exception. Really Frustrating!

These are some of the Festive Designs we have been having fun with:

I still need to make another 5 small 6" blocks and 1 that measures 12".

Have a good Monday!

* I've decided that everyone who participated in the Friday Paper Piecing Link Up can choose themselves a pattern. Yaaay! Let me know and I'll send you the PDF.
Thanks for your support! XOXO

Have a nose around my Pattern Shop while you're here on the blog..
you never know what you may find....

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