Monday, 19 January 2015

Monday Madness!

Hello All!

What a week-end! I'm still so frustrated with everything, I could scream!

We woke on Saturday to a loud bang - somewhere on the street corner - an electricity transformer had blown and the entire neighbourhood was without electricity.
My husband must have phoned the municipality about 10 times easy. Each time you get to speak to another rude so and so who knows nothing about it and will report it. Ja, sure!!
Another 30 hours later and a smallish truck came to check out what the fuss was about.... because we didn't know what we were talking about ?????
By then everything was going south - fridges and freezers defrosting, batteries on all tech dead, no internet, no computer..... Like I said, I could scream.

Suffice it to say all I got done was a bit of crochet. I'm learning how, so things went really slow.
This morning I had to jump in the car and go fabric shopping to ..... well..... calm the nerves.

I'm planning a cute Valentine's pillow for my daughter, so I grabbed a few reds, pinks and turquoise colours - as many with hearts as I could find.

 This is my pattern "2 Hearts" that I plan to make.
I've made it before for someone else using reds and grey.
This time I'm planning to use the turquoise instead of the grey.

I've got so many things to do all backed up now, I'm not sure which way is up.
First things first - finish my tutorial for the SYS 2015......
My turn is 4 February - exciting stuff....


Thanks to everyone who participated on Friday. I only managed to visit your blogs and photos this morning when everything was charged once more. All your projects are amazing. I love them all.

Our Friday PP Party winner: Link #8 - Plum Jam
Your little pillow is tooo cute
Let me know what your choice of free pattern is (value up to $5) and I'll send you the PDF.


Don't forget to visit my Pattern Shop while you're here on the blog too!

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Sew Surprising said...

Fingers crossed the rest of the week will be event free :) Love those colours, red and aqua are always a favourite :)