Friday, 6 February 2015

Beg BoM 15 and Link Up Party!

Today is our Beginner Block of the Month #2
and a Link-Up Party!

This month we will be making all 4 of the #2 blocks according to our design.
February block is also 6" (16.5 cm).

February Beg BOM #2 Block

The pattern templates make 1 block, so you will have to copy the pattern pieces another 3x to have enough for the 4 blocks we are going to make.

Cut out your pattern templates making sure not to chop off the seam allowance around the edge.

Decide on your colour placement. I'm using up all my scraps I have (doubt I ever will finish up this mountain I have going on here...)
You can even write the colour name onto each segment if you like to make sure you don't make mistakes.

The center diamond is one piece, so that's easy. We find a piece of fabric we like and cut it to fit our template. You will have to secure it with a pin or two. Leave to one side until later.

I will show what I done with only one of the corners, the other 3 corners of this block are all worked exactly the same.

I decided to carry on with the purple fabrics, so I found a scrap big enough to cover section 1 and also the seam allowances. Remember to have your fabric facing away from the paper for number 1.

This was just a photo showing the back of my template and the fabric on piece 1.

Now I find my second scrap that will cover section 2. I like to then turn the template around so that now section 2 is on the top. Your fabrics will then face each other (right sides together). I place the second piece with a  seam above the line that separates section 1 and 2.

Now I sew on the line between section 1 and 2. I just follow the line. Don't sew into the seam allowances. You can make a small back-stitch at each end if you want to, but you don't have to.

No quilting police will show up at your house if you don't !!!

Fold down the paper, and behind it we see the pieces for section 1 and 2 sticking up.
We need to trim this seam to a 1/4" or a little more if you feel worried it might pull loose.

Cut straight across.

Flip the paper back up and turn the template around.
Fold open the fabric to cover section 2.

Finger press it flat or you could press it quickly with an iron.

Now we move on to section 3. We find a scrap that will cover the whole section with generous seam allowances.

The fabric is right sides together and I sew on the line between section 1 and section 3.

We fold down our paper to reveal our seam.
Trim straight across all fabrics with a 1/4" seam.


Fold the paper back up
Turn the template over and open up the fabric.
Finger press it flat

Turn the template back to the paper side so that you can see the seam allowances and where to trim.
Cut around the block carefully and don't cut off the seam allowances.
Your finished corner. See! not so bad. That wasn't so hard.
You need to make another 3 corners the same way.

This is what we have before we start to put this block together.

It makes no difference really which corner you start with.
With right sides facing, line up your seam allowances. I like to push a pin through the corners and the middle to line up the templates on each side.

Take it over to the sewing machine and sew the center diamond section to the corner sections. Sew along the line of the template.

This is 1 of the four #2 Blocks that we need to make.

I hope you all enjoy making this block and quickly find your rhythm with how paper piecing works.

The free pattern can be downloaded from Craftsy or Google Drive on the Beg BoM Page.

Thanks for your patience this week - just so many things all happening at the same time.
Have fun and Enjoy!

Now it's your turn to show me all you have been up to this week!

It's Friday - and that means 
It's a Paper Piecing Link-Up party!!!

 This is Sunbonnet Sue or Sal or whoever - 
This is a block I made for a birthday swap. The block measures 12" (30 cm).
The owner wanted a light background so, I changed it up a little and didn't add the background. I tacked on a felt Eiffel Tower, so she can remove it if she doesn't like it.

This is my pattern for
Sun Bonnet Sal in Paris
that I will be adding to Craftsy. It measures 14" (36.5 cm).

I'm thinking of making another cute pillow.....
yes, another one...


Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge said...

Sunbonnet Sue sure gets around! Ooh la la! Thanks for linking up with TIGFF!

Lisa J. said...

I'm not a fan of Sunbonnet Sue...but I like her on the scooter.

Vera said...

I'm not fan either but the scooter looks cool :)