Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Stretch Your Skills - SYS15

WoooHooo! Today is the start of the SYS 2015!

The series will be called "Stretch Your Skills" or SYS (SYS2015).

What does it mean? Well, it means that we are going to learn new skills, try new techniques, hear about tips and tricks that we may not have known about!
We will push ourselves outside our comfort zone.
There will be plenty of things to learn for everyone (beginners and experts)!!

This is going to be our button!
If you want to spread the word, feel free to grab the code and include it on your blog!!

Stretch Your Skills @

Every month, together with the new tutorial, Alida from "Tweety Loves Quilting" will announce the winner of the previous month and the new prizes!

Prizes will be all kind of things from fabric, to embroidery floss, to pattern, to coupons, to other crafty supplies that I am sure everybody here can put to good use!!


February is my turn - Foundation Paper Piecing

I chose to make this amazing block of SYNDROME from the 'Incredibles' movie. 

This was my cute addition to the SYS '15 Tutorial Series. The block is 12" (30cm) and on the Easy Intermediate Level.

The pattern templates are not small and uncomfortable and even the eyes are not difficult to make.

I'm sure you are all going to have fun making this one.

I added some details to the face and background with Free Motion Quilting and turned my block into an adorable little pillow. I thought it was for ME, but no such luck, my oldest son grabbed it up and said  No, it was definitely HIS. My son has auburn hair, so off the pillow went with him. Sigh......
I'll just have to make another.......

 After adding a few strips to the sides, a back and a big wad of stuffing, the pillow was done.
Turned out really great! 
Now it's your turn...............


The tutorial for the Foundation Paper Piecing will be over at:

Tweety Loves Quilting

Alida -- Thanks for putting this whole thing together, I had fun and I wish it lots of success!!

Beginner BoM '15 block #2 will be on the blog on FRIDAY

Pattern is already available in my Craftsy shop and GDrive. (Beg BoM Page)
I will show the photo step by step on Friday. 
Sorry about the delay....
(so many things that all wanted to be shown in the same week)

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beaquilter said...

too cute! and you HAD to pick the bad guy??? LOL

Quilt Art Design said...

Teeee Heeee Heee!

Vera said...

What a fun cushion! I'll check out the SYS but I feel I'm kind of stetched already, lol.

the zen quilter said...

One of my favorite movies - fun to make a pillow for the TV room.

Jeneta said...

We love The Incredibles at our house!

Cattinka said...

I like the way you quilted your block, and you made an awesome pillow out of it!