Thursday, 26 March 2015

Mystery Block #4

Today I'm going to add another Mystery Block to our already growing collection....

There is no image to work with - just the instruction sheet

Download your FREE block PDF Pattern - HERE    (Amended pattern)LOL!!!
Forgot to add the colour indicators to the pattern. Added one with colour squares to the end so that you can use either one.

You can link up your finished block on our Mystery Page  - HERE

I hope you all enjoy this one too...

Thanks to everyone who gives it a go and sews along!



AlidaP said...

Hi Janeen! is this mystery supposed to be a super-mystery? Because the pattern doesn't have color indicators on so it's kind of hard to decide how to color it ;)
I have been collecting those blocks even if I don't have time to make them now, because I love them!! thanks for sharing!!

Janeen van Niekerk said...

OH LOL! it happens.....
I did go and fix it all up!