Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Week 1 Forest QAL

Today is the start of our 
Forest Quilt-a-Long!

I hope you're all excited and ready to GO!

Forest Art Quilt - 38 x 52" (130 x 90 cm) Easy Intermediate Level

Week 1:

Cut out the pieces, join them and lay them out in front of you to get a good visual. Write your colour choices onto the segments.

I've decided that I'm not going to make myself crazy with all the different colours that could be used.
Im only making marks on my pattern pieces to show where I want a dark green fabric. The rest is up to whatever my hand grabs out of the "Green bin".

You are welcome to change your Forest into an Autumn/Fall scene or even done in blues to look more Wintery...
Up to you...

Another thing - this is an Art Quilt - some of the triangles are not the same size as the triangles next to them - all good!

I hope you have fun with this Quilt a Long!

Our first week pattern pieces are not very hard to put together.
You will need to join the pieces together - I use sellotape - it works well.
The paper I use is also just photocopy paper - but feel free to use whatever you have. Eventually we will be tearing it off the back and throwing it out.

Leave the paper on your pieces for now - don't tear it off yet. you need the seam lines when sewing the different week pieces together.

* If you would still like to join us in this 12 week 
    (one piece a week- not hard) Art Quilt then go to the 
INFO page. All are still welcome!

 That's it for this week
Really not even breaking a sweat!

Have a great day!


Lorna McMahon said...

Love how you have added all those animals and birds into your forest - right in the trees! What an amazing design!

Ruth said...

That looks amazing- love the birds in the trees!

Kaja said...

This is lovely - a really great design!

Shari said...

Looks great...haven't started yet; just printed off the pattern now. Would you believe my printer gave up on me just yesterday?! Went and purchased a new one today...fancy with fax even lol. Now tonight or tomorrow I will get on it. Can't wait! Thanks again.

molly b quilts said...

holy cow! this is so intricate! it looks very cool. i really like the purple and green color combo too!

Rachel said...

What a great design. It's so very intricate! I can't wait to see what it looks like in fabric. I love all the critters hiding in the trees.

legato1958 said...

Love this cool design! It is so fun to see who is nesting in the trees!
I hope I can join in, too.


legato1958 said...

I love this design! It is so cool to see the animals in the trees!
I am hoping to be able to sew along with you!

Micki @ 2 Dogs Studio said...

very cool design - looks like fun.