Friday 3 April 2015

April Beg BOM

Hello to all of you!

Today we are doing our April Beginner Block of the Month

I've decided to change the numbering schedule and give you the Block #5 now and we will do Block #4 later. This way you have 4 small blocks for the corner and they can then all be joined together.

Lets get started:

 As usual, I decide on my colour fabrics I like and I write the name onto my pattern pieces so that I don't have to constantly be going back and forth to the colour guide.

I also marked onto one of the segments the direction I want the fabric to lie in - I was using a striped fabric - so this helps to get the direction correct when I need to sew - and when turning the template around this way and that to see if it will fit properly.

Here I wanted to show how I will always turn the template so that the seam I need to sew next will always be horizontal and "to the top"

Once you have joined your pieces, you can sew the Piece A and Piece D to the middle templates.

When matching up I always use a pin to stick right through and match it up with the correct position and don't just match up from the ends. 

Here is my finished block for April Beg BoM.

 We now have 4 small blocks for each corner and they can also be joined together.

From next month we will be doing the longer blocks which will measure 6" x 12"

I hope you all enjoy putting this block together.

The patterns will be on my Beg BoM page.
Smaller size in the GDrive download and bigger size in the Craftsy download.

Have a great day!

It's also FRIDAY - which means you can link up anything interesting you've been working on!

The link up will run until Monday (Easter and all) so only on Tuesday we will decide on a winner...

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Cathy said...

I'm so glad I found your blog. Love everything you share! Thank you!