Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Forest Week 9

Hello again!

Its already week 9 of the Forest Quilt a Long

This week we only have a small tree to finish (thank heavens, 'cause I'm so busy with other things that demand my attention at the moment ....)

 As usual I lay the pieces out onto my desk so that I can start writing the colours into the segments.

This week we have a cute little fox face staring out at us.
I just had to make him first!!


Remember: the right side part of this tree (seen from the back) belongs to the tree from Week 8 and you need to match up the colours you were using for the bottom of that tree.

Sections finished, now join them together

Here is also a closer view of "Wilfred" (fox)
My daughter insisted he looked like one....

This piece will wait here for week 10 before getting joined together.

 Ive decided that my pieces from week 9 - 12 will be joined together first and then the whole thing joined to the rest - purely because I don't like the huge piece being taken down from the wall and put up again over and over.....

 Here is the whole thing up on the design wall for now....
Really not a lot to finish. Makes me itch to get it all done at once!

I have completed the Forest Ebook already and will be adding this to my Craftsy shop once the 12 week QAL is finished.


Lorna McMahon said...

As you probably could guess... I love foxes on quilts. And Wilfred is no exception! He's so cute peeking out from beneath that tree! I think he must be hot on the trail of that little mouse!

Lara B. said...

My goodness! This is awesome Janeen!