Wednesday, 8 April 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hello all! 

Today we carry on with our Forest Quilt-a-Long
We're up to Week 6 already - wow! half way done....

As usual I laid out the pattern pieces in front of me and spent some time finding the birds and the frog.

I always end up grouping the pattern pieces as you can see here - it helps me to understand how it will be sewn together later.

Then I wrote onto the pattern where I wanted the Dark Green fabric and the colours of my birds and beaks.

I decided to start with the frog because it was the smallest pieces - then it would be out of the way.

As usual I'm not planning the colours too much. I only write the Dark green (same as the dark colour for week 5). The rest is up to whatever I fancy for that row of tree branches at the time.

Your colours are really all up to you... Have fun with it. 

Ta Da!!    Here is the small frog hiding in the undergrowth.

I realize he is small, but not impossible to make. If you feel the mouth is too small for you, then just leave it out and the green from next to the eye will cover it. No problem.

Same with his leg pieces.
Don't sweat it..... In this colour he will still look like a frog. The back of my frog just looks wierd here because I chose that fabric with the brown specs. You can make it all bright green if you like.


Once all my pieces were done and assembled - this is your piece for week 6.

Lots of cute birds and the frog.

Now I need to attach it to Week 5 piece of the tree (top half)

I'm going to sew the tree to the rest of the quilt top for now, because I have no patience and want to see what it looks like.........

You can wait until week 7 pieces arrive and then attach everything - up to you really.

If you sew it together - Just Remember!!
Leave a piece un-sewn at the top of the tree. We still need to attach week 7 to that part of the flying geese. I started about 3/4 down of piece AB on the top.

 This is my Forest Art Quilt so far! I'm really loving this one. 
Using up loads of scraps, loving the cute little critters hiding in the trees...

I hope you are all enjoying your QAL as well....

** A friend from Germany asked if I would extend the Forest down into something else too, because she wants to make the quilt larger - so I've been thinking about it for a while now.

As a second QAL I'm going to make the lake, small reflection and then the fishes in the lake under the water that can either be a second quilt altogether or it can be attached to this Forest quilt.

Let me know your thoughts on this....

Have a Great Wednesday and 
a great time sewing!


dq said...

You are truly an artist! This quilt is spectacular. I think it is so clever how you added birds in the tree limbs and show the pattern of the flying geese in the sky.

Debra said...

This looks beautiful. Love the colors. Visiting from Lets Be Social

Purple Boots and Pigtails said...

Looking good! Can't wait to see it all together, it's going to be fabulous!

Pat V. said...

I love having the option of attaching the lake to the forest.

Anonymous said...

I, too, would love to add a lake to the scene. I think it would be gorgeous!

the zen quilter said...

This is a fun, lovely design! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Janeen, you are G R E A T ! The Forest comes out so wonderful and the option for the fishy Lake is spectacular , I will sort all my blue fabrics next time .

This will become a wonderful playing quilt for Childs !

Greetings from Germany

Cathy Melancon said...

Janeen!! Thank you for the great pattern and wonderful pics and instructions!! YES, please do make this bigger with a lake, etc like you suggested!!! You are so creative!!

Quilt Art Design said...

Hello Ulrike
Just for YOU!!!

KiasMum said...

I'm having fun with this so to add another section is absolutely OK by me. Must look at my blues...:-)