Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Forest QAL Week 12

This is it!!
We are finished with the Forest Quilt A Long!

And I'm betting they all look amazing!

This week we only have 2 pieces to sew together.

As usual we need to stick the corresponding pieces together first  which in itself is a mission.....
I really wish that the software gave me more control over this part of the pattern planning.

Write onto your pieces which colour choices you have made and then sew up the sections.

NOTE: the small piece that seems to be missing from week 12 is hiding somewhere with week 10 or 11 pattern pieces.
You have received all your necessary pieces.

Once both are done, you need to join them together and then join week 11 to week 12 as well.

 Depending where you left off, you can join up all the rest of your weekly segments and finally - sew up the last seam on this art quilt.

All Done!!


I waited to join all the pieces from week 9, so now it was just a single large seam and BAM there it is!!

Here is my finished art quilt top.

Now I want a few days off before I patiently sit and pull off the paper.
Don't yank at it - you don't want your sections to pull out.
Nobody likes this bit, but it must also 'happen'...

 Here are photos of 2 finished tops that some ladies sent me
They are amazing! I really love them!

 Toni Leggate

Ulrike Brandl 

WELL DONE! to everyone
this wasn't a difficult pattern and now its finished...

If you are done with this quilt, you can add your borders and quilt it BUT
if you are going to do the bottom part of the art quilt, then you will have to wait with those borders just yet.....

This is the second art quilt I will be hosting this year - The Lake.

It fits onto the bottom of the Forest or can be a quilt on its own.
This Lake QAL will start on 1 July 2015 and will also be divided up into 12 weeks.

I will open the list for those who want in around the middle of June.

** Forest Art Quilt is now an EBOOK and is available in my Craftsy Shop


legato1958 said...

Oh WOW! That Forest section linked to the Lake is going to be amazing! I love the trees reflection on the lake!!
This is so cool! Wish I had time to make it all now.... maybe someday!


Lisa J. said...

These are both beautiful quilts.

kris said...

so pretty!

DianeLoves2Quilt said...

This forest quilt is just gorgeous. I have been oblivious to the quilt-a-long for it so will check out your pattern shop. I reminds me of Small World in Disneyland.