Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Week 10 Forest QAL

Wow, its Week 10 already
Almost there......

First of all... A BIG Thank you to everyone for the well wishes and prayers. We are all fine and learning how to cope with dressing and showering and an arm in a cast ... All new to me.

My daughter is 21 and because she is so petite, she looks like a young child of around 14. It was really funny because the hospital staff were so great with her, I think they could only see this small helpless child. There are around 2 million pieces of paper to fill in and the questions "Do you drink?" - she added 'yes - wine', which brought around 4 different nurses to re-ask the question and look at me and look at her, then ask how old she was. Kept us entertained.

Today we are doing our Week 10 Pieces.
Another piece to the quilt that will go really quickly - that's once you can figure out the layout and stick the pieces together. I have no control over how the software divides this up - so it wasn't me.....

This one was a real head scratcher. Finally I figured out to lie the pieces in a longish shape and join them together in small sections and then join the larger sections together after that.

This is how I stick my pieces (with sellotape).
I cut off only one of the edges with the same numbers along the line where the pattern ends.

Then I stick that onto the piece with the numbers still on it and it forms a nice "seam" - but remember this is not a sewing line.

This is the puzzle all stuck together. And the bad news....
Its all one piece of fabric...

I just lay it down onto my fabric piece and then use a load of pins to secure it and then cut it to size.

Once all the pieces are made and joined, you can join the piece from Week 9 to it.

I'm going to wait for week 11 and 12 before I join the whole thing, but you can join yours together if you like.

And here it is - Completed up to Week 10.

I'm going to send all the rest of the QAL patterns this week - but I will post each Wednesday on my progress and what the quilt looks like. I just want to cut down some of the time I'm spending at my computer - to be able to help my daughter with a few things.

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Esther Aliu said...

WOW look at you go! This is fabulous and your colours are so vibrant, I love it! I hope your DD recovers speedily.