Wednesday, 3 June 2015

June Beg BOM

Today is our
Beginners Block of the Month
for JUNE

This is our layout photo and as you can see for the 6th month, we will make 2 blocks to fit the position of the "6" in our layout. The same happened last month in May - we make 2 blocks to fit the number "4" position (remember - we changed up 4 and 5 so that we could finish our smaller corner blocks first).

Here is a design layout so long of what we have been busy with. You can change up the direction your blocks are in - everything will fit together in the end.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to sew for a while so I haven't finished my June blocks yet - so no photo to show yet. As soon as the arm is feeling up to sewing again, I will make mine and show it to everyone.

The patterns will be on my Beg BoM page.
Smaller size (5.5 x 10.5") in the GDrive download

and bigger size (6 x 12") in the Craftsy download.

Have a great day!

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