Wednesday, 17 June 2015


What have you all been up to this week?

Me, not that much....
Nothing like a stomach bug to get all forms of pride right out of you...

We ate take-aways and this was the prize I guess.....
Just lovely....

I have had lots of time to lie in bed and think about designs and which I love and which I have less love for. Pinterest is also an amazing source of inspiration when you can't do much else.

Where do you find your inspiration?


I also must talk about the Lake Quilt A Long Starting 2 July 

So many ladies want to join and feel they have no clue how to get the payment part 'done'

I took a few screenshots at how to make a payment through Paypal.

You will need to go to YOUR paypal account, do the whole email and password thing

Now, look for the TOOLS tab or on the left of the screen is a box and in it is a TOOLS icon.

You need to send money for the Lake Quilt - so you click on Send Money and it will open up a new window.

Here you fill in the info I gave you. You add my email address, the amount and in US dollars. You check the paying for goods and press CONTINUE

Here you will open another window where you need to add a message to me -
add the Lake QAL and add your email address
Now you're done. Click send money and that's it.

Once Paypal sends me the notification I can send you the Information Package with the requirements etc.

Really Easy

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