Wednesday, 24 June 2015

WIP Wednesday

Hello all the chums!

Take a look at some of these blocks - just changed the placing of the colour and you get such a different block.

This one is a "Swoon" block. The small squares are 2" and the block if 16" (42 cm)
Should make a great HST project.

This is a "Carpenter's Frame" block and is the base of the "Swoon" block.

 These all came off the same block - by just changing the colour placement.

Once the magazine is done, I'll write up the instructions for this Swarm of Swoons and we can see about doing a FREE HST - along.


The Lake Quilt a Long is ready to start, so from 2 July we are going for it - full steam ahead!!
I hope your name is on the list .....

More info HERE

Have a Great Day!

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Dixie said...

A Swarm of Swoons. I love it.

Cynthia Woodham said...

I look forward to A Swarm of Swoons. It is an amazing block.

beaquilter said...

fun! I hosted a swoon block swap last year and mine where Christmas colors, still haven't quilted my top. SHOULD finish it by this Christmas......

Rosa said...

Fabulous.Love them all!