Friday, 31 July 2015

BOM #8 Oceans

Hello to everyone!

Today we would normally do our Friday Link-Up, BUT
because the 1st is tomorrow and on a Saturday, Ive decided to rather go ahead with
the Block of the Month for our Oceans Quilt. 

We will do our link up again next week Friday. 

For the month of August we have a
Red Octopus

You can either make your block with a darker background and sitting on a rock or you can make it lighter and sitting on the sand.

either way they both look great...

Our block was made up for us by a friend -
Jewel Shepherd of the USA. Thanks so much for helping me out. The photos and the block turned out great!

Let's get to it -

Cut out your pattern and write onto the sections which colour fabric you would like to use where.

Looks like a lot of pieces, but none of them are difficult to put together.

You can make a little fabric chart to keep track of everything or you could pin a little note onto the larger pieces of the fabrics - whatever makes it easier for you to quickly grab the correct fabric.

I think this is why I just write the number of the fabric I'm using onto the segment or write the name = just easier for me to follow.

I also do this - I put all the pieces out onto my desk and then divide up the sections into "how best to tackle this beast"

The instructions will tell you how to sew this block together once you have made each of the sections.

Once I've divided and sub divided my pieces up then all that's left is to sew this bad boy together.
This is the #8 BoM for Oceans - Red Octopus = Finished!
Looking amazing!

The block is Free for August in my Craftsy Shop
I hope you all enjoy making this one too

You can find more info and the Quick Links Here



Jayne said...

Oh wow! Look at all the pieces! I so admire what you do! This is amazing!

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Oh that is incredible! It's so effective when it's all together though isn't it!

Ladydukes said...

Thanks for the opportunity to win a free pattern!! LOVE your work! The pattern I would choose is Forest Quilt Along!