Thursday, 2 July 2015

Lake Quilt A Long #1

Well time has ticked by and here we are - 
its WEEK 1 of the Lake Quilt A Long.

I really hope you will all enjoy making this art quilt!!

I've asked an Internet Friend to help me with the sewing part of the weeks patterns, so all credit for the sewing and the photos must go to Karin Pope of the UK...
Thanks so much Karen! If it wasn't so far, I would jump in my car and come over to give you a huge hug!!

Lets get started with Week 1:

Once you have cut your pattern pieces out and stuck them together (I use sellotape and it works well), you can write onto the sections which colour fabric is going where.

Don't let the mass of colours get to you. The same as the Forest, just grab a scrap of green and use whatever you have.

Make each of the sections before you start to sew them together.

I think I like to say this (and do this) because then all the scraps and bits are out of the way and it always feels like I'm then working with a 'clean' desk.

The instructions tell you how to attach the sections together.

And here is the completed first block. Not even that bad.

If you are going to attach your Forest quilt and your Lake quilt together, then please remember - if you made your Forest to be at night, then use a darker water colour for your lake. If yours was  in the day then a lighter water is okay....

That's it for this week - short and sweet! 

Still time to join us!


Elvira said...

Que precioso quilt, super original

Erin said...

I'm eagerly awaiting the email - can't wait to get started!

So sorry to hear about your arm/shoulder though. Your friends have been doing a lovely job helping you out though!

Judy said...

Still have to finish first my forerst, but the lake Looks great as well!

Erin said...

I finished week 1! Here's a link to my post with pictures: