Wednesday, 8 July 2015

WEEK 2 Lake Quilt A Long

Wow, time feels as if it is really flying!
Its already Week 2 of our Lake Quilt a Long

As before, Karin Pope has made the week's patterns for us to all see how to sew it all together

 Thanks so much! x

We are busy with Week 2 of the pieces and as you can see, there is only a small section to put together - the bird calling on the island in the Lake with the shine of the moon or sun behind him on the water. The reeds and the bird's legs are thin but not impossible.... This is nothing - remember the tiny eyes on the birds and the mice. Then you CAN do this...

As usual you need to get yourself organized and put your pattern out in front of you and write onto the pieces which colour you would like to use.

This is the "super" organized road you can also follow.
Cut pieces of the fabrics you have chosen out before hand and keep them with each piece. Just make sure to have a large enough piece of fabric to really cover all your section and a seam too.

This is totally amazing! Im not even this prepared. I do leave my colours all out before me and none are allowed to fraternize with the other colours, and then I choose which ever one I need next and cut off a big chunk.
I must try this!! How do you ladies do your "preparation" work?

As I promised, a few small pieces as well. We must keep it real ladies....

If it helps, you can pin your fabrics in place as you sew them down.

A finished bird leg and the grass on the island. Beautiful!

You might need a "something stronger" than coffee after you've done this bit.....

It will all be worth it once you've completed it all. A few tiny pieces will make your quilt look amazing!

Here we have our Week 2  finished block. 
Totally worth it! Beautiful.

Once you have made the week 2 you can sew it to week 1 already.

* When doing your "matching up" to other points - remember - start matching at the point you want to stay together and not from the sides. I put a pin in through the match up point so that it won't pull apart and then the rest must be happy to sit together after that.

Our Lake Quilt so far (Week 1 and 2).
Going to be just as beautiful as the Forest.

Any other questions, then please email me, and I will see how we can sort it out... Thanks.

That's it for this week!

Anyone still looking to join us with the Lake QAL?

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Erin said...

Very excited to get started! I generally cut/prep my fabrics and keep them together with the pattern/section they "belong" to with binder clips (and sometimes pieces of scrap paper as labels). I generally pick out scraps first, then if I have to do cutting, I'll cut all pieces of that color for all the pieces until I have 1 or 2 whole sections I can complete. Then I repeat the cutting process. I get ansty, and can't wait to sew!