Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Week 3 Lake QaL

Time just keeps marching along and here we are...
Week 3 of our Lake Quilt A Long

Each week as Karin Pope (the lady doing the sewing ahead of all of you) sends me her week's photos, I get so excited and I can't wait to open up the email to see what's happening.
Lets have a look at week 3...

As you can see, it's not a huge section. Here you can use up random scraps of colour you have to make your fish colourful. The blue colour behind them is under the water and needs to be a different colour to the water that is above.

Cut out your sections and lay them out in front of you.

 You need to get yourself organized and write onto each segment which you would like to be blue and which a colour.

You can cut small strips like the photo shown here before hand or you can just cut as you go along.

Once you're ready, you can begin sewing your sections together. It really does help to first finish the sections before joining them all together. This helps to prevent you getting yourself into some Y seam situation. When I write the instructions, I look for straight line sewing and the easiest way to put the sections together.

When you sew the eyes of the fishes, you will get a lot of seams all gathering in one place.

You can cut your seams smaller to reduce the amount of bulk in one place.

Karin has hers at 1/8". If you feel nervous about doing that, its okay to go ahead and leave it at the 1/4" seam. You will just need to do some fancy press work to make all the seams play nice with each other.

 Once the sections are sewn, you can trim them to the correct size. I usually do mine as I finish the section, but it doesn't matter when, as long as its done. Then comes the fun of putting all the sections together.

 This is our Week 3 piece of the Lake finished...

The fishes have a geometric feel to them to mirror our Forest with all those triangle shapes we made.

You can really make these 2 any colour - bright and scrappy or something a little outrageous even.

Once your week 3 section is finished, you can sew it to the week 2 section.

This is our Lake quilt so far.

Thanks Karin, I love your colour choices too. Its going to be beautiful!!

Weeks 1 - 4 are really not very hard going - the sections are smaller so that everyone can ease back into the quilt-a-long and not feel as if we are doing a huge ton of work.

I hope you are all enjoying your art quilt too.

Any other questions, then please email me, and I will see how we can sort it out... Thanks.

That's it for this week!

** If you missed the previous weeks blog posts on how we put it all together, you can find them in the Art Quilt page - under the image of the Forest or the Lake. Each of the 12 weeks will also be posted there for others who will make their quilt a little later....


Anyone still looking to join us with the Lake QAL?

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Anonymous said...

Yay, this part of the quilt came at such a great time for me! My toddler has become obsessed with "fishies" - we're even going to an aquarium this weekend! I look forward to picking colors too - I love Karin's purple/pink one!