Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Week 4 - Lake Quilt A Long

wow, time is flying here
it's already the 4th week of our Quilt A Long

Our beautiful photos are as usual courtesy of Karin Pope in the UK. 

Lets get started:

Cut out your pieces and tape together the largest one - you can use sellotape - and lay the pieces out before you.
Not a lot to do this week.

Make your decisions about which colours you would like to use where, and write it onto the pattern.

Once you have the colour choices down, you can go ahead and either cut your fabric pieces (remembering to have a little extra for seams) or you can arrange the fabrics out before you for easy 'grabbing' purposes....

Then the sewing begins....

This is one of the oysters on the bottom (who cares that they don't live in lakes - they're cute anyway)

Karin was telling me that when she lifted the piece up to check on the fabric placement, she thought they also looked like little eyes looking at her - and now that's about all my brain wants to see.... LOL! it really does.

don't be scared to use your pins if you need the fabric to "stay" where you put it. Some pieces love to test your patience.
Even though I've been doing paper piecing for a while, I still get pieces where I can yank out my hair and rip things out - for the second time - and have to do it again.

All part of the process I guess.
In the end it's all worth it.

This is our Week 4 finished piece. Just beautiful! Karin I love your fabrics.
The geometric feel of the whole quilt is really coming out again here.

Once you've finished, you can sew the week 3 and 4 parts together.


See, I told you a few small bits would make your art quilt totally worth it.

You will have to fight people off - they will all want this once its done....

That's it for this week.

I hope you all have fun putting your lake together.

** If you missed the previous weeks blog posts on how we put it all together, you can find them in the Art Quilt page - under the image of the Forest or the Lake. Each of the 12 weeks will also be posted there for others who will make their quilt a little later....


Anyone still looking to join us with the Lake QAL?

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Anonymous said...

Karin's is so lovely - some AWESOME fabric choices this week! There's a few fabrics in there this week that I'm staring at thinking - hey! I have that one! :)

And lol about the oysters looking like eyes - they really do! I'm getting behind but I'm trying to catch up! :D