Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Lake Quilt A Long Week #8


Its already our Week #8 of the Lake Quilt A Long
This week we have a larger piece to put together but it is much easier with lots of lovely longer straight lines.

Our photos are again courtesy of Karin Pope of the UK. Don't you all agree - the photos are wonderful and her Art Quilt is really starting to look stunning! 
Thanks Karin - you are a Rock Star!

Let's Get Going!

Our prep work is always standard - you cut out your template pieces and join them together. Once they're laid out in front of you, you need to write onto the pieces which colour fabric you are going to use. Remember to always match up with the previous weeks #5 and #6 so that we have continuity. You can cut out chunks of your fabric for the sections, or you can have them in an order that suits you.

Now we begin to sew each of the sections before joining any of them together just yet....

Remember - ironing the pieces down flat is just as important. For smaller pieces you will also need to iron your seams open or really flat and out of the way.

For trickier lines Karin has an ingenious way of sewing up to a point and then stopping, turning the piece around and sewing it from the other side and then meeting in the middle.
I will at some point want to give this a try....

This is our Week #8 piece joined as per instruction sheet.

Wow, its really pretty...

The third goose is done and now we wait for the rest of this column to join 8 , 9 and 10 together

Here's another little treat -

My good friend Joan Wintersgill of Texas sent me a photo of her Lake Quilt  - Isn't it amazing!
 I love it just as much.

She's also a little ahead because she and hubby are almost off on holiday to Italy...... Lucky!!!

There is a Flikr group for Quilt Art Designs where you can link up a photo of your Lake or even Forest Quilt and we can all see the progress being made. Thanks.
Look on the right side info bar of the blog and click on the Flickr button.

Now it's your turn !!

 ** If you missed the previous weeks blog posts on how we put it all together, you can find them in the Art Quilt page - under the image of the Forest or the Lake. Each of the 12 weeks will also be posted there for others who will make their quilt a little later....


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Anonymous said...

I love Karin's tip about using the pivot point for tricky lines, that's awesome and I will have to try that!

Both Karin's and Joan's quilts are so beautiful!! I can't wait to get mine to this point! Slowly but surely! :)