Monday, 24 August 2015

'Lil Catz...


Come on in! Grab a chair, can I get you a coffee?
Come and look at what I found .....

There was such a storm last night and I heard a knock at the door....
I wondered who could be out there in this weather
When I opened up, there was a box on the steps

I carried the box inside and before I could even open it I could hear what was inside
The soft little meews were already melting my heart
Inside were 9 of the cutest little kittens ever.

I dried them off and found them a basket with a soft blanket my older cat discarded
now they're sleeping in front of the fireplace like they've been here since when

Here's a photo of them all together, purring happily
Wouldn't you like to adopt one - or all??

Cute 'Lil Catz measures 24" ( each kitty measures 8") 
and is on the Easy Peasy level. No Joke!

Who wants to join me in making these sweet lil kitties???
pattern is in my Craftsy shop.

I'm going to try to make a few by Friday's Link up......


Now for something else very Interesting....

My 2Yr Celebration Giveaway has still not been claimed..... for real...
So, now those 2 have been voided and I'm choosing two new winners:

#18 - Quilty
#37 - Marie Therese

Please email me and I will send you your PDF patterns.

And last of all for today before you go -

Friday's link up
You are all winners - so choose yourself a pattern (value up to $5) and I'll send them off.
Thanks for the support and just for joining the fun!

Have a great Monday!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, so surprising people aren't claiming their stuffs, and congrats to the [new] winners and also to Friday's link up folks!! I wish I would have some time to quilt so I can make sure to post something this Friday!

JANEEN! Stop making such cute, irresistible patterns. I have a to do list a mile long but I am not going to be able to pass up these kitties! Just curious, if I bought the pattern, am I allowed to re-size the block to be larger?