Friday, 28 August 2015

Paper Link Up #32

Whooo Hooo Its Friday!!

and its our weekly
Paper Piecing Link Up

I thought I'd show a few of my 'Lil Catz I've been testing.

As some of you know we are having
 a 'Lil Catz Quilt a Long from the 7th September.

The pattern is really easy and allows for a lot of changes in fabrics to create new little faces.
The plan is to make 1 Catz a Day...

NOT a lot of work on this qal....

The 'Lil Catz pattern shows 9 Catz so from there another nine lives (days) or so on we will have a  Catz Show
The next Friday following another  
Big Cat z travaganza with finishes of tops and quilts...
You link it all up and then we all vote for a winner....

Winner receives an EBook of choice...Will go looking for another surprize prize too...

If you choose to make more than 9 Catz that's cool too. The more the merrier for this Catz Lady

7 September - Start Catz QaL
18 September - Catz Show
25 September - Link up Catz-travaganza finishes- vote for a winner
28 September - Winner announced

 Pattern is tested and found to be Catz Lady friendly..

Get your pattern here:  

Now its back to This Friday's Party!

Link up your blocks, designs etc and let's have a wonderful party. 
Visit a few, leave some love...

Have a Lovely Week-End!

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Sew Surprising said...

Your cats are cute and the pattern is purrrfect ;)

Irene said...

Very nice Cats!!